Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Monday Night at Yankee Stadium

The subway to the Bronx. We leave home about five - very rush hour-y.

Supper at a sports bar called the Press Cafe near the stadium where they serve really good pressed sandwiches and Robert has two beers - since we're going to sit in the bleachers where they don't sell any!

We join the milling throngs under the elevated trestle of the subway where we enter the stadium........by the bleachers' entrance.

We look down at the lovely green grass of the real stadium - the house that Ruth built -though we catch a glimpse of the new one rising outside.
We are not pleased they are tearing down the old one.

Fans pay rapt attention to the game though it was, in truth, rather a dull one.
Texas Rangers won 2-1.
But A-Rod hit a home run and Giambi got a triple.......
Almost everyone in the bleachers wore some sort of Yankees style clothing - a positive sea of dark blue.
Two rather stout "Rogriquez's" sat next to one another.
A good time was had by all except the foolish young man who wore a Mets t-shirt who was pointed out and laughed at good-naturedly. What was he thinking?


  1. This is the only way I could go to a Yankees game. Nice shots. Thanks Elizabeth! :)

  2. Oh my! So many folks!


  3. I've been out of town so am just catching up. Boy is there a contrast between photo subjects on your NYC and Marrakech blogs! Wow. (Pretty cool too!)

  4. Makes me want to go to a Padres game. ;)

  5. No beer served in the bleachers? Bah!

  6. Oh that's one very crowded football match! Or is it baseball? Yikes! This non-sporting dummy quietly exiting now...

  7. Yankee’s game? Elizabeth, you have gone native! Then I glance down below at your tea set and roses, and I can see you’ve held onto your English roots. Then again I've become quite a tea drinker myself. Robert’s roof shots are fun, but they make me feel almost dizzy.


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