Friday, July 25, 2008

Awards and Things

This is the first time I have ever posted an award on my blog. (I have had other ones - boast , boast - but was too dim to know how to post them).

Jennifer of Art Words Life both gave me this one.
THANK YOU!.....and told me how you post it! (Drag onto desktop and then post same as you do a photo.)
It's incredibly hard to single out people to give awards to since I go to lots of blogs for all sorts of reasons and enjoy all of them, as one does one's friends - for their quirks and individual views of the world.

One of the fun things about the blogosphere is that it allows us to have friends round the world.
So I'm handing this award on to:
M.Kate in Malaya whose blog La Vie Est Belle takes us to very exotic places indeed.
Louise of This is My Patch in England who know everything about gardening.
Tracey of Hey Harriet in Australia who thinks as I do on many things and organizes the very excellent "Shadow Shot Sundays".
Maryam in Morocco who has about a zillion awards already but deserves them since she has a super blog.
Britt-Arnhild in Norway who is a loyal blogging friend and uplifting spirit.
Maria in Austria of Let the Good Times Roll who walks through the hills outside Vienna whose lovely dog recovered from a viper bite.
And finally, Marja of Dutch Corner in New Zealand who writes lovely inspiring stories.
Now you have to chose 7 of your blogging chums to hand it on to and tell them.

This is a picture I took in the spring in the downstairs cafe at the Neue Galerie. I think it has a dab of the Hoppers about it.


  1. A big Congrats on your award! That's funny that you didn't know how to post awards on your're so cute!

    Gosh, thanks so much for passing that award along to me. It means a great deal to me Elizabeth. I'm going to celebrate by singing happy silly songs into my hairbrush (any excuse ;) & hopefully you'll join in. It doesn't even matter if we get the lyrics wrong. We'll just make up our own words. It's more fun that way! Ok, you ready? Here we go...a one, & a two, & a one two three

    ...are you singing? I don't hear you? You have to sing louder! I'm on the other side of the world remember! :D xo

  2. Conrats on your award! And yes, your photo has more than just a dab of Hopper! It's beautiful.

  3. Hearty congratulations on your award! Richly deserved, I'm sure! And thanks so much for the other blog suggestions. I"m off to check them out now!

  4. Congrats on your award! You singled out some mighty fine bloggers indeed! :)

  5. First: Congratulations on your award! Your pictures are so artistic! I love them very much!

    AND thank you Elizabeth so very much for passing the award along to me! I am really happy, excited, this means a LOT to me! If you could see my smiling face! ;)
    Thank you so much!

  6. Aw E dear, you are so sweet! Thank you!!!! And mabrouk to you on the award itself.

    PS Tell Robert I am buying a new Nikon. eeeek! The lenses cost a hideous amount of money. Let's hope it's worth it.

    PPS In Cairo conducting blog training - aka I better figure out what to say:)

  7. Thank you Elizabeth, for coming over and also for adding my link!
    The dog is healthy again and I have found an old video where she she eats blueberries directly from the bushes! I'll post it sometimes, it is too funny!
    Best regards, Maria

  8. Thanks so much Elizbeth and congrats on your award. The photo's
    on this blog look great too. It is a completely different world with its own charm

  9. Thank you so much for passing this award on to me Elizabeth, and thank you also for your kind comments. You deserve to win it too, your blogs are always up-to-date and show beautiful images. I like to think I know everything about gardening, but there is still much to learn. x

  10. Congrats congrats and congrats..a many many more to come :D. A big THANK YOU for thinking of me too, how sweet, and most of the recipients are my fav too !!! So cool and much fun :D
    big hugs to you always

  11. Absolutely. You have these rather non-descript characters in the background and one wonders what they're talking about. Old friends? New friends? The art upstairs?


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