Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Shadows and How We Spend our Time

You can tell I have too much time on my hands.......or else am avoiding doing important stuff.
Three photographs of a balsa wood plane!!!!

But the light falls so slantily wonderfully in the evenings.
Very good for "Shadow Shot Sunday" see Hey Harriet for details.

We throw the plane round the apartment a lot. A harmless diversion. So called 'creative' people like doing time-wasting things like that. And looking out of the window.........You name it. I do it. Except not TV because that really wastes time.
All those commecials for awful diseases one hadn't even thought about worrying about before.
Any way.........
Question: What's your best/worst thing to do when you are meant to be doing something else?

The work table covered with print outs of images ready to be organized into ...........something.
They are juggled and shuffled like packs of playing cards.......
Random juxtapositions sometimes lead to something interesting. Maybe.


  1. A safe landing on the window sill! Nice bit of aeronautics. I was starting to fly straight but had to leave. Next time I visit, I will try a window sill landing.

  2. Oh I'm chuckling at that funny little comment above me...

    These shadow shots are really fun. I like having this image of you bouncing planes off the walls!

    I have a gazillion ways of procrastinating, but none of them very interesting. Sometimes I'll madly fold paper cranes using whatever paper happens to be in my reach. Then I'll take a bundle to the park when I'm walking my dog & place them in trees. I don't watch a lot of TV either. It drives me crazy!

    Oh your link didn't work in Mr Linky so I'll try fixing it. I may need to delete it & add it again.

  3. Ok, link all good now. Not sure why it wasn't working. Mr Linky being a little silly. Enjoy your Sunday :)

  4. Love the airplane and cup, would like to see a close-up shot of the two, they seem to have a hidden meaning for me there somewhere...again, I may have too much time on my mind...LOL

    Love the walk shots, isn't it amazing how our eyes are wide open now...and searching...NO TV!!!


  5. Thumbing through old magazines, blog browsing...

    But that cute little plane looks like a marvelous diversion!

  6. Thumbing through old magazines, blog browsing...

    But that cute little plane looks like a marvelous diversion!

  7. Funny how now we look for shadows everywhere! I think if we had done this ten years back loved ones would have thought us mad! Your shadows were very creative even though you were "wasting time". :)

  8. Good shadows, and then there is the shot where the plane, the mug, and the cars outside are kind of the same size. LOL wasting time, probably blogging, but is blogging a waste of time? Isn't it creative? Isn't it a bit social?

  9. I like all those shadows in the apt. Best/worst thing to do when I should be doing something else? Blogging, visiting other blogs... ;-)


  10. From the comments it seems as if blogging is the new magazine/TV but MUCH more personal, creative and interactive.
    That's why it's such fun.
    And yes, I do think it's creative.

  11. Love those shadows. I waste time reading magazines and staring out the window watching the birds.

  12. Hello Elizabeth,

    I have been doing a bit of catching up. It is great to see my NY through your eyes.

    I also really like the window picture with the cab just passing by. Great angles in all the photos.

    The little C. Moore park is a gem. Lots of those streets around there have much to interest a curious eye.

    Procrastination is a lovely way to experience the passing of time. When I am overwhelmed with tasks (seems to true more now than ever) I have stopped making lists. I just do what I can do.

    If I have a list I feel too chained to its sequence. Much better for me to have some air in that sequence.

    Best wishes. xo

  13. Used to be reading novels, not it's reading blogs.

    And I'm still not finished painting the shop (or the house for that matter).

  14. How fun...throwing that little plane around the house now and then! My dh has two or three small ones stashed away somewhere in the garage...I must look for those!

    When I'm supposed to be doing something important I suddenly remember little chores I've left undone, or lists I need to write, or the cat needs you, I try very hard NOT to turn on the TV because then I'm lost for sure. And there's rarely anything on TV that I even's a time trap!

    I love the little glimpse out your window in that first shot...because it looks down on the street a few stories below...


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