Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Amazing Skies All Over the Place

I think we are back to "A" in Mrs.Nesbitt's ABC Wednesday. I hope we are. If we are not, then these "AMAZING" clouds will just have to float into the blogosphere under their own steam...........
When you live in a house with no windows (the medina of Marrakech) and your courtyard is open to the sky, you spend a lot of time looking upwards.

When you stand on the roof you notice first the clouds and then the huge numbers of ariels which are not pretty.
Studying the sky is a useful and peaceful occupation.

Another shot from the courtyard looking up.

This is from the day in December when the bus had a little accident (no one hurt!) between Marrakech and Essouira, looking out across the stony desert.

Six o'clock in the morning on Christmas Eve looking East from the battlements of Essouira.

Back to recent New York. Last Saturday looking across the Hudson River at New York from New Jersey, just when the bus had emerged from the tunnel.

Last of all Sunday afternoon from the Red and Tan bus -about to descend into the tunnel.


  1. Love this ABC Post! I was just talking to my husband about a possible trip to Morocco next year! Thanks for a little view of your area!

  2. Great post.

    You link is broken on ABC Wed. It took me a few minutes to get it right.

    Come visit,

  3. Such an openness to the sky from within your own dwelling must give you a wonderful sense of space, no matter how crowded it might be outside the walls of your building. These are all lovely views that you have shared.

  4. Funny, yesterday I was looking at the clkouds from the window here and almost took a photo of them....! Unusually the Milan skies are blue at the moment, not the usual muggy leaden-white ones of July!
    Oh well....great minds think alike, I suppose!
    PS: We are lucky, we live on the 6th floor and from where I work at my desk, when I look out of hte window I only see sky, no buildings at all!

  5. These are amazingly beautiful sky photos that would be perfect for Sky Watch Friday.

  6. Amazing! Love them.


  7. Beautiful cloud photos. Cloud gazing is a thing I love to do. Big white fluffy ones are my faves. I don't care much for the miserable dark grey ones ;)

  8. It's never the same, looking up at the sky. I don't see how one could ever tire of it...


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