Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Morning

Something cheery for the beginning of the week.
Photographed at the Green Market at Union Square on Saturday.
There were lots of bees buzzing around attracted to the stunning yellow.

We took white lilies and peaches home. The flowers are almost overwhelmingly sweet smelling.
Sadly, the peaches look better than they taste. Sob, sob: they are not Moroccan peaches which were so tasty and wonderful you could buy kilos of them and stew them and make peach crumble and enjoy the juice dripping over your fingers as you worked with them. Oh well.

It seems to be artichoke and new potato season.
We didn't get artichokes because R. said it was too much work eating them for what you got.
I should have insisted.
I will get them next week...........


  1. Ooooo...those sunflowers are SO cheery...fresh and lovely!

  2. Elizabeth, the first pic of the sunflowers are amazing! Great shot! And I love the other two pics as well... I'm thinking what's for supper! :)

  3. Great photos, Elizabeth! I just love food markets. So much color!

  4. I LOVE your sunflowers. I photographed some myself this past weekend. I could never tire looking at them. Sunflowers just capture summer don't they?

  5. I hope you filled vases and vases with those sunflowers!

  6. I love your sunflowers, too!
    Great photographs!
    What you say about the peaches you get in New York - it is just the same here in Vienna: they look much better than they taste. Sometimes they semm to be still green inside.
    I remember from my childhood how ripe fruits smell and taste which are grown in your own garden and just picked from the tree and still warm from the sun ... *sigh*

  7. Oh I love the sunflowers. Such happy flowers! I've never thought of artichokes being too much work to eat. How delightfully odd! Hope you're able to purchase some artichokes next week :)

  8. I LOVE sunflowers! I'd love to taste Moroccan peaches.


  9. Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. What wonderful photos, they capture the essence of summer! Thanks for your comments on Monks House, my daughter recently visited Sussex University where they keep all V Woolf's papers, she said it was very interesting.

  10. I think I agree with Robert...

    love the sunflowers

  11. Sob~sob about the taste of the peaches BUT!! THat Photo!!! sigh!
    SO PRETTY! Fresh, summery!


    Happy Tuesday
    Hi to Roberto too!

  12. Those happy sunflowers have me singing a happy tune just looking at them! Do go back for the artichikes...they are always worth the work & fuss ;o) Peaches...I miss really good peaches. Here at the supermarket the are imported things, picked early and have no realy flavor. This post has me hungry all of a sudden--LOL! Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

  13. Beautiful sunflowers, looking at this makes me want to plant some at home :D The lily and peaches picture just look perfect! Artichokes are very expensive here and the local dont use them much..I've never eaten one before, should try it one day, but first, got to find a restaurant that sells them :)

  14. I love artichokes... and I know what you mean about fruit - the black cherries in Paris are *devastatingly* bland compared to the wonders we had in Marrakech, sold from wheelbarrows on rue Mouassine...

  15. Sunflowers are also some of my favourite flowers... but artichokes... well anybody can have me for an artichoke: I am crazy about them... and one of my favourite dishes is artichokes (th ehearts, fresh of course), cooked with potatoes, garlic and lots of fresh parsley at the end.....mmmmmm

  16. Stop the peach description, my mouth is watering al over the keyboard!

    Andy says that about artichokes too, we don't grow them for that reason. One day we will have a big enough garden for my own little artichoke corner.


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