Thursday, July 3, 2008

This Week's Wanderings

I never realised, until I acquired a digital camera last July, how much fun it would be wandering around taking pictures of things.
It is probably irritating for the world at large to see a middle-aged bat clicking away -but think how much worse people are yakking on cell phones.
At least this is a quiet activity.
The first picture, the only one with much color in it, is the window of Fish's Eddy on Broadway and 19th. They sell wonderfully funky china and glass.

Broadway and 17th Street.
Rather old artifacts looking like 'urban archeology..........

In the bathroom at Le Pain Quotitien on Grand Street in Soho. The reflection of the tiles in the garbage can was rather fun and black and whitely New York. I am a great expert in bathrooms round the globe and sadly, New York does not score well.

The ubiquitous surveillance camera. A fact of our modern existence. 1984 came and went but is still with us in spades.

However, sometimes when one looks up, one's eye is enchanted by lovely lights.
Here in C.P.Shades in Soho - a dress shop where they have lots of things in natural fabrics that look wrinkly and need ironing - or else you don't bother to iron, because really who cares?


  1. Your opening shot is delightful!! I looked at it for so long...I have a thing for glass. I would love to wander around in Fish's Eddy.

    And the second one I like for its shapes, contrasts and colors. so nice.

  2. You are always so interesting...great shots!

  3. urban archaeology? I love it. love the shot, too.


  4. Love those photos! And, I think it's funny that you're an expert in bathrooms around the globe. Looking forward to seeing more New York bathrooms :)

  5. The reflection on the steel trash bin at Au Bon Pain is simply spectacular. I love the constrast between the clean lines on the floor and the distorted lines in the reflection.

  6. Wow oh WOW. That bathroom shot was fantatic; actually all of them were great.

    I'm with you; taking a walk anywhere is more interesting when you have your digital camera at the ready. Beautiful images are everywhere just waiting to be discovered and captured for eternity.


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