Friday, July 11, 2008

Sublime and Ridiculous

I don't often go uptown, so when I do, it seems like exploring a new and rather swanky country.
Here a view from a taxi window on Madison Avenue. All modes of transportation visible:
private car
and feet.

In spite of all the worries about the economy, there is a huge amount of building going on in the city. Here a crane on 53rd Street. One only hopes it doesn't fall down.

Walking on 83rd. Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues, the shadows of the leaves make a pretty pattern on the sidewalk.

I arrive at the Metropolitan Museum early --of course. I while away the time talking to an interesting couple visiting from Hamburg. I was able to tell the wife where the nearest ladies' room was. How nice to be useful!
Then they told me all about the museums I should see in Berlin which sounded wonderful. I want to see the Casper David Freidrichs there.
I then admired the wonderful vast flower arrangements in urns which never fail to stun me.

But I'm having a slight moratorium on pictures of flowers (ditto the Empire State Building and taxis.)
So instead I took pictures of the shadows cast on the urns and in the niches.
The Turner exhibition introduced me to new treasures. Gosh, the man was industrious!
We deserved lunch after that.
Then the quirky first hundred years of photography show. Lots of lessons to be learned.

In the evening to R's favorite pub downtown.
If you look at the sign for "The Ear," you can tell it really says "BAR" but they wrapped part of the sign with tape.
A little old pub from 1817 when it sat on the waterfront.
Crowded, noisy, boozy. Only saving grace is the ban on cigarette smoking nowadays.


  1. wonderful!you should change your blog name in "this is new york" for better!only my opinion!:)glad to see you!Good weekneed!

  2. Museums, exhibits and the Ear. Love it.

    The urns/flowers are gorgeous

  3. I agree...don't stay under that crane too long! Love "The Ear" :)

  4. Some few years ago I spent two weeks alone in New York (job). I spent almost every night at the MET or in the Park :-)

  5. I am green with envy. I think I would probably spend waaay too much time at the Met museum if I lived in NYC. I would love to see the Turner exhibit.

    The Ear bar is too cute!

  6. I've popped over from Willow Manor...and really enjoyed looking around...awesome shot of all modes of transportation...and love the shadows...very nice...You do such good things with that wishes..Dee Dee

  7. Next time I'm in NYC...I want to visit the Ear! It looks cool and fun. Have fun with my Dad!

  8. I never noticed that about the Ear's sign...and I've been there countless times. It kind of blows me away that it was once on the waterfront (considering how far the water is now)...

  9. The crane is a little scary, have heard stories in the news lately about them. LOVE the urns! Beautiful!

  10. The first quirky 100 years of photography show sounds like a lot of fun. I'd love to visit the Met Museum one day! That 'Ear/Bar' sign is cute. Would be cool to say to a friend "meet you at ear at eight" :)

  11. I like walking along the tree-lined, shady boulevards. It makes New York seem like such a livable city. Then you turn a corner and are assailed by the noise and the frenzy! But it is a place like no other, for sure.

  12. I am so envious you saw the Turner exhibit....Love the Ear bar, tribute to Van Vogh? Probably not.

  13. Wonderful finds.
    I love the art deco building and the iron doorway with the black and white checked floor. I especially like the composition on the later.
    Great job.


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