Wednesday, July 30, 2008

File under Batty and Bizarre/ ABC Wednesday

This is the second letter of Mrs. Nesbitt's ABC Wednesdays.
This young lady with a notice on her forehead lives on West Broadway heading south from Spring Street.

This poor dead bicycle lives just north of Houston Street. It has been decorated beautifully and almost rises to the level of art.

Just across the street from the bicycle is an Egyptian cafe which was closed early on Sunday morning.
When I took the next two photos, I didn't realise how much reflection was going to appear in them.
Hm.........very mysterious and spooky indeed.

Gods of ancient Egypt and a tower block of not very interesting apartments - something to do with housing for NYU I think.

Artifacts and reflections in a tobacco shop window on West Broadway.

A metal gate to a townhouse in Chelsea.
This image is from the silent movie they made of H.G. Wells' First Man on the Moon. Someone - not sure who - shot a bolt in to eye of ( I think) the man in the moon.
Obviously, not a useful or comforable thing to do
It looks a bit scary anyway, and, no doubt, led to trouble.

Reflections in a hot dog truck parked by South Street Seaport on Sunday morning.
Yes, we had a most energetic bike ride!

Eventually we sat and looked across the East River at Brooklyn.
I'm not quite sure if Brooklyn is batty and bizarre but it does begin with B........


  1. Love these, Elizabeth. I'd love to see that bicycle in person.

    With all of these great views of NYC you keep sharing, I feel like I am smack dab in the middle of it all.

  2. This is a great post Elizabeth! Love all the photos you share. The hot dog stand, the windows of the Egyptian restaurant, The lady with the paper tattoo on her forehead, your observations of the abandoned bike.
    It's all good!
    Thank you for the link to Mrs. Nesbit.
    She has a fascinating blog. Is she in the UK?
    Have a wonderful day. Keep the NY photos coming. I'm enjoying them immensely!

    Have a wonderful day.
    Do you want to come to NJ? I'm tearing things down. Don't forget your roller bag.
    I think we have 700 books.
    Would love to donate to the "Laundry" cause.


  3. Just realized I wrote have a wonderful day & my name 2 times.
    Oh well!

  4. Yikes! Don't much care for the image on that metal gate, but the workmanship is fantastic. Bizarre is right.

  5. The metal gate is amazing! Love it! and your reflection pic reminds me of the Banshee in Darby O'Gill.

  6. The gate is a replica from the silent movie version of Well's "First Man In the Moon"

  7. Wonderful Elizabeth. By the way my middle name is the same! LOL!

  8. I love the bike, it is art! Beautifully noticed and observed apparently.

    Ouch, my eye hurts now..he must have said cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye.. and lied..

  9. Ohhh...that bolt in the eye made me wince. I wonder if that bike is part of the project to memorialize fallen cyclists?

  10. Batty and Bizarre, such a great idea and wonderful photos.

  11. I looove it!! I especially love your spooky shot, bit I love them all actually. Thank you for taking me to New York ( haven't been in a while), even if it is a wee bizarre!! ;) FAB!

  12. Oops, The one above has the wrong link ;) I don't know how I did that? I must have just been visiting that site...

    This is my correct link ;) Silly me...

    I looove it!! I especially love your spooky shot, but I love them all actually. Thank you for taking me to New York ( haven't been in a while), even if it is a wee bizarre!! ;) FAB!

  13. Bewildering...New York must have the most wonderful, exciting bike rides in the world, beautiful shots.


  14. Maybe that is just the way Brooklyn is?

  15. Nice stroll you're taking us on! Love the bike!!
    Cheers, Klaus

  16. What a gate, Elizabeth!
    And those your take on them!

  17. New York always looks full of eccentric and interesting details! Is it because it is 'foreign' or is it really that quirky I wonder?

  18. Definitely a very interesting and eclectic collection of B's.

  19. I loved all of the different photos. Great job.

  20. The silent film was French and fabulous for us film studies students. I love the image on the gate. Some people are so creative with their spaces. I wish I were a little more creative...

  21. You have a way with reflections! They are my favorites of these photos, although all of them are great. Very New York!

  22. Re: Man on the Moon-- the film was made by Georges Méliès. "The Invention of Hugo Cabret," this year's Caldecott winner, was inspired by him. Amazing book!

  23. Oh lucky you! I would love to bicycle around NY! So much to see and so fascinating! Not too much fascination here unfortunately. Keep the pictures coming Elizabeth, love NY and that you take the time to share it all with us! :)

  24. I was touched by the memorial to the fallen bike (or so I'd like to think of it). It reminds me of a photo I once took in Paris, of someone leaving flowers on a velo. I made up stories in my head about what that could have been for... :-)

  25. I love that bike :-).

  26. Thank you for taking us on a tour of New York--B STYLE---with your photos.
    It was a Blast!

    Bear((( )))

  27. Hello to you, Elizabeth.

    I so love the way that you show New York to the world!

    (I expect that you do know why those bicycles are painted ghostly white?)

    Please do be careful when you are on your own bike.


  28. Yes, I think the white bike and others I've seen are a part of the memorials for fallen cyclists.
    There are many more bike lanes now - but you do have to keep your wits about you - to avoid the dreaded cell-phone using drivers.....
    Biking is one solution to high gas prices and pollution etc.
    and it's pretty healthy.

  29. The second picture sure looks spooky..but i've seen spookier ones..unfortunately.

    Since I can't just pop over easily to New York, seeing NY via your blog is just bliss :D

  30. LOL! Love all the "B" photos.



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