Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Details, One Shadow Shot and a Poem

This is my shadow shot for Hey Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday. The light falls slantwise across the bed very artistically.

At the end of this post you will find a poem by W.H. Davies - a wonderful writer who advocated wandering about. He wrote a book called "The Diary of a Supertramp." Many of you probably know of him.

Anyway, I read Lavinia's post where she says she is lazy and has just hung around home. I think hanging around home is a good idea.
These three pictures are from my friend Joyce's garden on Long Island.

Her garden is shady and beautifully restrained so you can note every contrast of shape and color.

I'm not quite sure how this green car snuck in amongst the flowers, but it is rather cool and was taken on a Sunday walk.


......and larkspur taken in the Penn South community garden. R's camera takes much better close-up details than mine - as it should since it cost three times as much!

A very tasteful tiny garden on 19th Street............

.............and an exuberant window box at Moran's Restaurant on 10th Avenue.


What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare
No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.
No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.



  1. lovely shadow shot - and the flowers are pretty!

  2. The serene green of Joyce's garden...something this desert dweller misses.

  3. Beautiful bed shot with the crumpled sheets & sweet soft light. Very sensuous image. Yes arty! Enjoyed all the flower/garden photos too. That lime green car was funny. Not something one sees often. Or maybe in New York everybody drives lime green cars! I adored the W.H. Davies poem. I hadn't heard of that writer, so thanks for sharing. The book sounds like something I'd enjoy :) xo

  4. mmm, i hope whoever was in that bed was in the shadow, cause that sunshine looks verrry bright!! Great shot. :0)

  5. That bed looks so comfy....must have been difficult to tear yourself away from it.

    You know, it didn't take you long to find New York's most enchanting gardens....I imagine that most of these are somewhat secluded, which makes coming across them all the more nice. Teeny tiny gardens have their own particular charm, I always think.

    That green car shot is really cool! I also am admiring the lettering above the door in that has a nice old fashioned 'engraved' quality to it.

    The poem is spot-on. Leisure can't be over-rated...

    Oh Elizabeth, thanks for the link, but by the way, it doesn't work....there is no 'the' in my blog's name....

    Now I must add "Diary of Supertramp" to the book tab of my Bloggy Binder...

  6. Perfect shadow shot! The garden and flower shots are beautiful! Love the poem also!

  7. Lavinia - I will go back in and fix the link.
    Thanks for alerting me.

  8. I enjoyed the poem! And it is indeed a blessing to have 'all the time to do all the nothing in the world.'

  9. I am familiar with that wonderful poem and it is a great reminder to slow down and enjoy! Hydrangeas are growing so beautiful this summer, aren't they?

  10. Great shadow shot and wonderful flower pictures..just beautiful..The car was neat seeing it through the glass..Lovely poem..You just did a great blog..

  11. Love the gardens amidst all the city shots. Great juxtaposition.

  12. More cool shots. I love your shadow shot.


  13. P.S. Love the poem.


  14. Oh I love the hydrangeas. Beautiful flowers, beautiful shot and beautiful poem. I took a week off and I felt like that's what I did. I just went to a lake and listened and watched - no daytimers, no phone no email.

  15. Lovely poem. I never see Larkspurs without thinking of Nancy Drew and "The Password to Larkspur Lane".



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