Monday, July 7, 2008


Just south of Chelsea Piers these rotting posts lead out into the Hudson River and towards New Jersey.
An overcast day.
These old posts are rather melancholy.

Animals are more cheerful than inanimate objects.
The dogs in the dog park --particularly the chocolate lab -- are loving the paddling pool provided for their entertainment.
This park is around Christopher Street.

Heading south on the bike path we come upon this marvelous duck pond with fish big enough to eat..............

And a lotus and lily pads and tall buildings reflected in them.

At South Street Seaport, I look down into the swirling waters of the East River and look at the art installations of waterfalls that lots of people have taken super photos of. Ming the Merciless has super ones.
I see the free water taxi which would take me to IKEA in Brooklyn. It is packed to capacity. Maybe it's fun to go there.


  1. Hi elizabeth -what a wonderful array of water photos. That dog park is amazing!! Is it just for dogs?? I don't think we have anything like that over here. And that pond - my kids would love looking around there!! Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday, in answer to your question, i am in Australia, further north than Hey Harriet, just near Cairns. Tropical North Queensland!! Have a great week :0)

  2. Wow, Elizabeth! You rode your bike from the west side to the east side. That is quite a trip. Did you go down through Battery Park?

    I love the reflection in the pond and the doggie park pictures. Ditto the rotting stumps on the Hudson by Chelsea.

    Will try to get some shadow photos for Sunday.

  3. I heard about that free water taxi to Ikea on NPR recently. Interesting. Nice pix, as always! :)

  4. Love all the water photos! That's the thing about NY, something interesting everywhere you turn!

  5. Lovely cool walk...or at least it looks cool with all that water.
    I'd be on the boat to IKEA in a flash. Love the food there!

  6. Caught up with NY too.
    A dog park - that's new to me.

  7. I like your water photos. The piers look like a semi-submerged Stone Henge that had a tumble.

  8. Love the dogs (just because >I love cats doesn't mean I don't appreciate our canine friends!!!). Ialso love IKEA, but can never persuade DH (dear husband) to take me as he hates it now (although opur apartment is basically furnished by IKEA!!!)

  9. Hi, Elizabeth! I saw your post on Ming's blog and, like you, cannot wait for January 20th. . . .Only 196 days left until the idiot-in-chief is OUT!

    BTW. . . .Do love the dogs in the water!!

  10. Like seeing the dogs playing!
    Water makes me happy. Think I'll go take a bath!!
    Hope all is well and that you are keeping cool Elizabeth!

  11. Looking at things through your eyes is always enlightening.

    Love the idea of water taxis...much better than being on a crowded street!

  12. All your beautiful water shots make me feel cool in this hot weather.

    I think my dogs would love to hang out in the dog park.


  13. Really enjoyed these photos! Especially the ones of the ducks...that first one, its like a smooth lovely and serene to look were in the right place at the right time...thank goodness you had your camera!

  14. I've never seen a dog park with a concrete floor (it is concrete?) before. Or one with a doggy pool. What a great idea! We have plenty of dog parks in Brisbane (Annette I guess doesn't have them further north) but quite different to yours. We have a dog beach also, a specially sectioned off part of a beach just for dogs. It's very cool & my dog loves it. It's her fave place to visit :) Those duck photos are super cute too!

  15. Love that photo of the dog park! Fun in motion!

  16. Splendid photography, as always, Elizabeth, though I went away feeling that these were warmer and gentler. Must be the subjects? Glad to note that you are enjoying being in New York!


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