Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Birthday in Blogland

When we translate blogland into real life, good things happen.
It was talented Constance's birthday - she of the enchanting blog Rochambeau.
And, lo and behold, in this topsy turvy world, I got presents too. Here a beautiful little purse marked "Memories" to keep very precious things.
I think bloggers like to make records of things.
And a medallion with bees - bees are very industrious. I wish I was. This will inspire me.

And here is the birthday girl enthroned with her birthday hat on. She is holding a very exotic plant called a heliotrope Karen and the others bought in the flower district. Constance looks very queenly.

And since it is Constance's birthday, Susanna, Karen and Isabel record the event from one side and me from the other.
Bloggers must bore everyone with their incessant shutterbugging. But we do love it so.

Because it was a birthday we had to eat and drink........a lot.
Mimosas.........salad ( haha we are trying to be virtuous) and then...........

Desserts and lots of them. Isabel's mother in law made a Portuguese almond tart. Celeste brought a chocolate cake.
There were berries from Union Square green market.
A very happy day in blogland.
Wish you could have joined us!


  1. What a lovely, lovely party! Wish I could have been there, too. Best wishes to the birthday girl. This has made me soooo hungry...gotta go find some lunch...

  2. What a grand time we had yesterday, Elizabeth!
    THANK YOU for organizing Constance's birthday party and for inviting me.
    I'll keep this day close to my heart-delicious food, great conversation, the warmth of the friendship present at your lovely house,and vibrant women full of passion and heart...a true blessing!

  3. That all sounds so lovely and looks so good. How great to have bloggy friends in the real world!

  4. Looks and sounds like you had a lovely time! And you're right, bloggers do like to make records of things, I believe that's the reason we blog. :)

  5. what a lovely picture of your party and of your tempting food -- i'll have to go dig my own raspberries out of my fridge now !

  6. Wow! The very best dessert plate I've ever seen.

    Looks like you had a wonderful party. You were in my thoughts all day.

  7. Looks like fun. But where were all the sweets when I was there? And, what did my brother do while all this was going on? I suppose he was tucked away in his corner trying to get some work done.

  8. That's a lovely birthday spread! :-) About shutterbugging, it can't be helped. I try to resist this whole "take a picture or it didn't happen" mentality, but we are indeed record-keepers!

  9. Oooh you are eating one of my favorites there...chocolate cake with raspberries..."frambozen" in dutch.Lovely blog you have here,i will be back to visit ..Greets from Holland

  10. Glad to see that everyone had a wonderful time!


  11. Oh that looks like such a fun party. Glad you all had a wonderful time celebrating! And my oh my, that food looks delicious :)

  12. Took me awhile!!! But I'm finally here to say THANK YOU ELIZABETH!! It was an Enchanted day and the most splendid birthday I experienced yet!...... Thanks to your kind, generous and fun spirit! Loved meeting Celest. We will have to get that girl blogging too!! I'm working on my post now, just touched to solid ground after riding Birthday hot air balloon.

    Your Robert is a nice man. A talented man too!!



  13. ps
    Later I'll send my mom your way and send Jen your links too.

  14. That looks amazing! You are wonderful hostess.

  15. aww....looking at this shot makes me want to cry!!! I want to go there to be with you all...but most importantly, the FOOOOD!!! Happy belated birthday Constance...and I really thought she was going to Morocco, how silly of me :)

  16. what a lovely and colorful party!

    It is so fun to have virtually experienced this event from various angles - and blogs...


    it is quite obvious that the hostess is as lovely and colorful as was this special birthday party...

    and I can't wait to meet her!

    see you soon Elizabeth...

    xox - eb

    (Elizabeth - the one from Vermont)


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