Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back to Nature

It is good to escape from the hot city and go back to look at nature.
Here a friend's garden on Long Island.

She collects all sorts of things -- including garden furniture........

In due course of time, the said furniture blends in with its surroundings.......

..... as it lives in the woods.

This almost-vanished chair is actually one of a pair of ours.
We were thinking of having it stripped and painted and all sorts of complicated things .
At the moment we are letting it enjoy its ten year country vacation.


  1. Love these, nature claims the chairs.

  2. I am sitting in the garden now, enjoying your blog and the sunshine. Summer and its boundless possibilities! :-)

  3. lol Love all the greenery! Who or what wouldn't want to take a ten year country vacation! :D

  4. this is a very nice escape from hot New York !

    Have a great relaxing day...

    hugs from Spain!

  5. I miss Long Island. I miss New York. I miss the Schmid family. I hope to get together soon. Love to all.

  6. Kate: The garden chairs are from Uncle Frank's house in Huntington Station.
    I have nice green linen cushions for them.(in Lori's barn - not the woods!)
    Lori is looking after them for us.........until
    Hope you come to NY soon

  7. Nice you're able to get away from the hot city. Love the garden furniture, which has blended in very nicely.


  8. good eye on finding the furniture tucked away!

  9. This is the sort of look I like, so natural and great for the wildlife and us with those chairs around. x

  10. Which chir shall we sit on today?


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