Friday, August 1, 2008

Why We Go To The Beach

These somewhat Soviet-Ear looking apartments in Penn South near where we live are actually well-managed and surrounded by trees.
But even so.........

In summer the delights of the urban landscape are few.

The new "MUNIMETER" which is in use instead of individual meters. I have not yet had to work out how they work - or don't work - since we do not own a car.
We rent one when we have to go out to the Island.

This little beach house is where the life guards shower and generally hang out when not on duty.

I think I will move in for the next month.

Looks like a cool place to me.
And the view is terrific.


  1. I wouldn't mind that beach house for a week or two. Ahhh...what a view!

  2. I love the beach house too, it's like those tiny European Summer houses; take it over!

  3. We have those flats here too, I must say the older ones are not so well maintained so it could be quite unpleasant to see..esp in the middle of KL city. The beach!!! wowee..I'll stay there for a few months if I can. I really miss it so much, it's been months since I relax in one. We are looking forward to EID festivals where we take a break for 10 days and it's beach time all the time :D happy a wonderful weekened, hugs

  4. Nice shot of the apartments! Perfect little beach house for the beach, I wouldn't need anything bigger, as long as I could walk that shore line! :D

  5. great beach, I would love to spend some time there, in those tiny little cute houses!
    But those flats... With my vertigo (sorry for my poor english) : IMPOSSIBLE!!!

  6. I can see why you want to move into the beach house!!
    So looks like you are coming to UK September. Will that be on yur way back to Marakesh.
    It must be interesting living with such contrasts in the different countries.

  7. I am miles away from a beach, and even then, coming from a beautiful tropical country, my standards are quite high, Germany won't be able to deliver.

    So I envy you. Long may you enjoy the sun and surf! :-)

  8. Love New York.
    The streets and the beaches!
    Keep blogging!

  9. I love the first picture best - it has a phantastic graphic composition!
    And the beach is still better!
    Send over some sand to Vienna's Danube beach, please ;)
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. Thank you so much for the beach photos. I am far, far away from the ocean and I am really missing it...

  11. Elizabeth, you do capture the contrasts so well. Summer in the city is not for the weak!

    Imagine my surprise to see that photo with the traffic in front of the wine shop. Not so far from my rather quiet New York street.

    (And, there is a much nicer wine shop within a little longer walk.)

    All the same, the beach is the place to be. Cool breezes, soothing sounds of surf.


  12. The beach and beach house looks decidedly cooler than the city shots. I've never had to deal with the munimeter either. I wouldn't know where or how to start.


  13. Makes me want to be a lifeguard. An off-duty one, that is.

  14. It's nice that you can get away!
    That you have your polka dotted bikini for such occasions!

  15. Oh, I wish I could step into my computer screen and onto that beach...

  16. I am not a city dweller, but great photos all the same. On the other hand, I could become a beach dweller. This beach and house are something quite special. x


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