Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Woodstock was 40 years ago now. But its spirit lives on.
What was Woodstock about? Creativity, unfettered freedom of expression, music, people from all over coming together to do whatever felt right.
So nine women - OK not the huge numbers at Woodstock - came together like the Muses -see picture.
OK a bit like the muses - you get the idea ........Yes, we did dance!

But BLOGSTOCK..........came about through the blogosphere where we meet like minded people.......through the ether.
The internet wasn't available to us in 1969 - how we revel in things modern.
Karen gathered us bloggers together from
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Florida and Colorado to celebrate.................
EVERYTHING good and creative and fun.

This included (in no particular order)
friendship: for enjoying
nature: - for looking at. The bird watching was stunning - 2 kinds of woodpeckers, gold finches, cardinals, hummingbirds......
food: for eating yum yum - do not speak to me of Blogrolls
wine: for drinking - what else?!
water: for swimming
messiness:: from creating things gloriously
art for looking at - the house was full of delights but for MAKING too
color: for playing with
and so on and so forth......

We chatted a lot. Exchanged confidences and presents.
We did an art project which I'm sure will be better documented in other blogs soon.

Don't these pictures make it all look fun?
We felt like kindergartners utterly absorbed in the task at hand.........the only time we were quiet at all!
I wish you were all there.
Maybe soon all sorts of Blogstocks will spring up all over the country - and even the world - where Blogland is translated into the real world and we discover how much we have in common and how much we have to offer each other.
We were thinking Venice, Vienna, Morocco...........Australia, Malaysia wherever our friends are.........


  1. Very cutting edge; Blogstock.... the art works look beautiful.

  2. Oh man..........you always do the best stuff, E! Sigh, meanwhile I am melting in Marrakech!

    PS love that first image - very cool.

  3. Blogstock! How clever is that? Looks like so much fun, too.

  4. Glad you had a wonderful time! It's such a great idea & sounds really fun! Global BLOGSTOCKS would be amazing! If I organise one in Australia will you attend? It's really not that far away :)

    We have a little annual festival over here called BEERstock. Combining the two events I think would work well. BLOG'n'BEERstock! Oh yeah! :D

  5. Oh, I love all that messing around with paint! I've always been very interested in fine art, and did a lot of paiting/drawing years ago...my mediums now are fabric, fibers and beads...but art is art! It idea of Blogstock is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing this great post, Elizabeth! ((HUGS))

  6. Blogstock certainly looked like great fun! I would offer Germany to the list, but, frankly, it just isn't some exotic faraway land. Morocco, meanwhile, sounds promising!

  7. I love the idea of Blogstock. You should market it!
    Looks like you had great fun. I love the company of good friends.

  8. It was glorious, messy, wild, liberating, funny, artistic and..."quiet lovely" [I love the way you say it in your fantastic british accent ;)]
    Lets get together soon.
    Your photos came out great!

  9. Dearest Elizabeth, tks for your kind comments and even thinking of me :D

    This is super fun!! I would have hopped on the plane if it was as easy as hopping on a bus! Dancing? Count me in anytime ok, I'll put in some sexy moves if my back still allows it haha, though I cant promise if I can be as graceful as the first pic..after a few rounds of orange juice, I could be jumping on the table :D

    Now, wouldn't it be fun if we could have one where everyone can hop in..maybe deciding on the venue could be a bit tough. Seriously, blogs cant be fun without good friends like you. Have a fantastic week, much love and HUGS :d

  10. Elizabeth,

    What an intriguing post!
    I am old enough to confess that I did go to Woodstock.
    Tell you more about that when I next see you.

  11. Sounds like a great time and what a great idea :)

  12. "... the task at hand ..."
    So fitting! :-)

  13. 40 years ago, it's hard to believe! I love that you're keeping the memory/spirit alive! How fun! :)

  14. Awesome! Looks like you DID have fun. ;-)

    Paz xxoo

  15. Well this was different Elizabeth.

  16. hello lovely Elizabeth!
    I am missing you and
    all the other Muses
    oh what joyous togetherness
    we shared
    holding this in my heart
    until the next one...
    wonderful photos
    these hands say so much

    xox - eb.

  17. Hello Dear Dancing Diva!
    I am so happy to have spent time with you!

    Muses indeed....

    My head is still spinning...


  18. Blogstock is a great idea! Smile!

  19. You said it all here in one beautiful post Elizabeth!!! Sometimes life is great, thanks to people like you and the other blogettes! I think you're out of town?? I left you a voice mail.
    All for now sugar~babes!


    ps I'll post tomorrow or the next day!

  20. We had so much fun, didn't we? I'm so glad we were able to spend time together. You have such a terrific sense of humour and your stories are NEVER EVER boring. We should meet up again in the Fall, okay?

  21. oh

    it was
    -->so much fun<---
    meeting you
    i only
    wish you had not left a wee bit early
    as we got
    a bit fancy there
    did more kitchen dancing...


    i loved visiting with you
    as you are a master story~teller.

    your written stories
    were a major part
    of all the little journals.

    we could not have created
    such things of magic
    your words!

    i do so hope we meet again
    in Real Life.

    until then,
    i will see you here,missy.....

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