Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday/Keeping Busy

Shadow Shot Sunday. (See Hey Harriet for details and other participants) The first two pictures anyway.
An amazingly stormy Saturday with torrential rains and thunder.

Whereas the day before was sunny and bright. Tall buildings make one look upwards so you get to see a lot of clouds.
As regards keeping busy, my new computer can do fancy things - see the vignettes above.
Not sure if they are a good idea but fun to play with.
This keeps me busy.

We had two young visitors from Marrakech who arrived just after the thunderstorm. They are wonderfully creative and immediately set about making things.
I wish I had their energy.


  1. Oh those top shots look like that lomo fish-eye photography that you need special cameras for! And you did this on the computer? Looks very cool. Smarty pants!

    Hope you enjoyed the company of your energetic little visitors :)

  2. oh I miss my children.......they have never been away for me so long since they were born. Imagine that! But I know that YOU are so good with children and they always enjoy visiting with Artist Robert, too. Wish I were there with you!!!

  3. What great shadow shots..It is always fun to see children using their creative gifts..Wonderful..

  4. the cloud shot. Incredible storms yesterday. Very happy that the sun is out today.

  5. The building looks in defiance to the ominous cloud shot.


  6. Lovely shadow pix...and cute as a button visitors!

  7. Harriet was right, the top shots look like you used a fish-eye lens! And seeing the children get creative reminds me that our school system is back in full force tomorrow. Can you imagine?

  8. Can't wait to see what you all create! What a joy to make art with children. They just GO FOR IT!


  9. New computer? Awesome! Love what you've done with the dramatic photos above. Your young guests look very engrossed with what they're doing. Looks like they have fun with you.


  10. Elizabeth, did you just make the Mac conversion? ;-)

    And you sure do keep busy, keeping this blog fresh even on a weekend! I applaud thee! :-)

  11. Hello Elizabeth, the first 2 pictures are absolutely fantastic and so cool!! I am sure those children will keep you busy all the time, so much fun to have house guests :D

  12. Those are terrific photos, Elizabeth! And such fun to see all the joy of creative youth happening there! Happy Days to you all ((HUGS)) Stop by if you can, I'm having some gift giveaway fun this week... :o)

  13. Pretty NYC sky. New computers are fun, you got a Macbook or???? Keep those kids busy, or maybe it's vice versa. Being include in the CDPB sounds like an honor, congrats.


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