Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday/24th Street

See Hey Harriet for other participants.

In order for construction debris not to fall on your head, they now put up swathes of this orange netting.
It looks rather glamorous in the sunlight.
This particular bit is outside Whole Foods on the corner of 7th Avenue and 24th Street.
Whole Foods is an excellent shop, but it is not cheap. Sometimes referred to as Whole Paycheck. Haha.

Orange is not my favorite color, but I'll have to get used to it since some shops have Halloween stuff in already, and I saw orange squash in the fields at the other end of Long Island.

Away from the orange the street is silvery gray.
They were cleaning the windows of the high school in anticipation of school opening on Tuesday.

A typical late summer scene.
How we savor these last days of summer.


  1. Hey there Elizabeth! Missed you last week while you were partying up at BLOGSTOCK :) You don't like the colour orange? It was never a fave colour of mine but I'm finding it kind of appealing lately. Lovely shadows you've shared! I especially like the ones outside Whole Foods. Perhaps because of the orange :) Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Nice shadow shot pictures! I can see how the orange is such a shocker to the gray city streets. We are sadly preparing for fall here in the midwest as well. It's not fall I mind so much - it's what follows that I have a really hard time with. We should enjoy the color while we have it as winter sure doesn't bring much.

  3. I LOVE the colors in the first shot, to me looks like a deck overlooking a great desert with purple mountains in backdrop, with a fence to keep us tourists from falling in...have I had too much java???

    All the shots are a real guided adventure into your the 'whole paycheck'...too funny (and true)...


  4. We have a Whole Foods, too, and you are's a little pricey and not on my usual route, so I rarely go. But good food!!

  5. Great shadow shots Elizabeth! I love the orange netting and the shadows on the street are pretty too. I can't believe the schools up North haven't started yet, our school system has been in full swing for a month now!

  6. Very nice shadow~shots Elizabeth!
    The long shadows at this time of year make me joyful!
    Happy Sunday!

  7. Super shadow shots. And yes we do refer to Whole Foods as Whole Paycheck. LOL! But it's true. ;-)


  8. Elizabeth, I do enjoy your shadow shots. You find so much beauty in the ordinary. You are right in the post below that there are architectural similarities in PA - must be the colonial heritage.

  9. Wonderful SS's here Elizabeth.. I do love the orange though..the warmth of it cheer's me up amongst the grey..
    Your art project in previous post if fabulous.. love the patterns you've created with paint! :D

  10. Hi, Elizabeth! Those top few photos are very mysterious looking...such fun! You always have such interesting photos. We leave for the US on Wednesdsay! And hope while there, as usual, to post while away. I hope to post something before we leave too...such busy days since the weekend and now to pack--LOL! Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

  11. I was wandering around Soho and Gramercy on Sat. looking at those construction areas for shadows. I'm always on the prowl for a cool shadow now.

    Really great shots!


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