Saturday, August 9, 2008

Presents for Babies

Passemeteries had very good news from Paris yesterday which got me thinking of all the passemeteries for babies one can buy.
Theses pictures are from a glory-hole of delight called ABC Carpet which will be familiar to most New Yorkers.
However, if you are not, you have excitement in store (pun?!)

It is a huge building on 19th Street and Broadway filled like an Alladin's cave with artifacts from all round the world.
Sort of like Anthropologie plus a billion.
If I were ever to become stupidly rich and had no conscience whatsoever, I would buy almost everything here and then have lunch at their restaurant.

Anyway this is a little glimpse at the toy selection. No plastic! No Fisher-Price! Just the dream contents of your mad grandmother's attic full of toys loved for generations of your terribly artistic family. Jumping off places for vivid flights of the imagination.
Sarah, you have much to look forward to. The things being only the tiniest bit of it.


  1. I've been feeling the itch for an ABC Carpet fix and now it's full blown case.

    May head there today....

  2. oh..i think i would spend nearly half a day in such a place !

    Have a great week end !

  3. It just kills me that I live so far away from ABC! Just looking at their glorious ads in the NY Times sets my heart to racing!

  4. nice! My kind of things. I could could browse in there for hours and spend far too much on things for myself. ;)

  5. So cute. I like them all!


  6. I remember a trip to FAO Schwarz in New York, and when they say it can make you feel like a kid, it was all so true! I grew up with paper dolls we constructed ourselves and other DIY entertainment (altogether a wonderful experience too).

  7. Look at all those wonderful things in the window! I lived in Manhattan for years and definitely miss ABC Carpet. I also used to live in London and miss the great shopping there as well! Great post - I can vicariously visit the city through you!

  8. I love this place. In my minds eye I have already bought the pink bear in the window! x

  9. I've lived all my life in Brooklyn, NY but I've never been to thsi store! Your post made me want to visit! I ahve a grand child ariving in early December and I saw stuffed toys that looks intriguing. Thanks!


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