Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Prized Possessions

I'm dog/ house/ pool sitting on Long Island.
It's quite fascinating living in some one else's home and trying to understand how they live.
This is a very wonderful, comfortable house full of visual delights.

It makes me think I should polish up my silver because you get such lovely reflections in it.

Other people's things, both animate and inanimate, need a great deal of care and attention.
The picture above is of Joba (pronounced Jabba) who was named after Joba Chamberlain, the Yankees pitcher whom he does not resemble in the least.
The Yankees pitcher is bold and stocky..........which Joba is not.
Because he is my son and daughter-in-law's dog, I am reduced to a jibbering wreck of anxiety when looking after him.
"No, Joba, you cannot eat that quarter......"
Haha. I run round the house after him, frightened that he will swallow it.
What is that odd bit of chewed up red plastic?
Spit it out now before you choke on it!
How much more fun to have me running round the house in hot pursuit.........


  1. Sounds like Joba is keeping you on your toes! :D

  2. "It's quite fascinating living in some one else's home and trying to understand how they live."

    Ooh yes... like trying on a new life! (Food for a book, perhaps?)

  3. You are, right dogs shouldn't eat quarters. OTOH he has survived this long with these consuming tendencies.......Pretty silver pics!

  4. You deserve a medal. What a wonderful, wonderful thing to do for your kids, and for Joba! The most difficult thing about traveling for us is making certain Edward and Apple are looked after in the best possible way. We currently have a great dog-sitter that moves in, but she recently took a "serious" job, and now we have begun to fret a bit.

    What's your overnight rate????!!

  5. My dog Lovey devoured three retainers, several bathing suit crotches, her dog training book, and countless chocolate birthday cakes. She lived until the ripe old age of 18, so not to worry!

    I think I love Joba. Do you think he might consider devouring Fauxhawk's cats?

  6. it is like trying on a new life!

    fun post and terrific weblog. happy i found you.

  7. lol What a great mom you are! And Joba looks like he's in control! Bless your heart... maybe Joba would like to go for a swim in the pool to uh...wear him out? :D

  8. The only jabba I know was the one from star wars haha..you're being kept busy chasing after that naughty dog! What house/pool sitting? whoa..I'll do it anytime..esp when there's a pool :)

  9. This post reminded me of a short story I love -- "The Lone Pilgrim" (from a collection with the same name) by Laurie Colwin.

    Here are a few lines from it:

    "Oh, domesticity! The wonder of dinner plates and cream pitchers. . . . We domestic sensualists live in a state of longing, no matter how comfortable our own places are."

  10. I stress like crazy when I am responsible for a beloved pet that belongs to somebody else. Dog-sitting can be really fun, but much anxiety involved also. It sounds like you're doing a great job with Joba. Cute pooch!

  11. This running around in hot pursuit is quite tiring, isn't it. I have been doing it with butterflies over the past couple of days! Joba looks no trouble at all. x

  12. Aww, Joba is a cutie. Does not look like trouble, which I'm sure he is. ;-)

    I am a huge fan of silver, for accessorizing, that is. And I am devoted to the whole polishing business. I give Wonder-Woman flashes with my bangles and blind people on the sidewalk. Yes, that polished.

  13. You are experiencing...PUPPY LOVE...right?!


  14. Wow, house sitting with a pool! Now that's a great gig. My dog is always chewing things up but somehow survives even if the silverware does not. She chewed up a table knife handle today! I guess the fake bone handle looked like the real thing. She survived, and I'm sure Joba will too. Take him for a walk on the beach. A tired dog is a good dog. Good luck!

    I'm happy to see you and Bee connect as (speaking of coins) you are flip sides: Englishwoman married to an American in the USA and American married to an Englishman in the UK. I enjoy both your blogs. Expat eyes do provide an interesting perspective.

  15. I must admit he does not resemble Joba at all, but he is as adorable as Derick Jetter is! :-) I'm married to a big YANKEE fan!

  16. Sounds like Joba likes things shiny, too!

  17. LOL! You ARE having fun, I see. ;-)



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