Sunday, May 10, 2009

Haiku Festival

Go to PinkPurl for more poets and then visit the list below...
If you want to join in, please do!

the bench: secluded
the carpet: marsh marigolds
is this bliss enough?

Please visit the blogs below for more celebrations in haiku:
1. BeeDrunken , England
2. Tracy Pinkpurl, from Norway
3. Paz's New York Minute, USA
4. WillowManor,USA
5. Merisi, Austria
6. Rochambeau, USA
7. HighDesertDiva,USA
8. HeyHarriet, Australia
9. Rodrigvitzstyle, USA
10. M.Gosden, USA
11. Artsortments, USA
12. A Thousand ClappingHands, USA
13. FrenchFancy, France
14. WillowsCottage, USA
16. Eb Elizabeth Bunsen, USA
17. PoetiKat, Canada
19. Jennifer, USA
20. Pat, Mille Fiore Favoriti,USA
21. Tessa, England
22. Denizblog, USA
23. Isabel, USA
25. ButternutSquash, USA
26. Critters'nsuch, USA
27. Magpie, USA
29. Polly, England.
30. The Qi Papers, USA
31.  ArtIt, USA
32. TheLeener, USA
33. Marinela, USA
35. Dodadidit, UK
36. Crisfieldnews, USA
40. Dale Australia
41. Shell, USA
42. Lea Lea Labyrinth,USA
43. Helen, USA
44. Mim, USA


  1. delightful garden
    invitingly peaceful and
    serene solitude

    Thanks for including me on your list. I'll be sharing Haiku at Small Reflections tomorrow (especially for your Festival) and I always write Haiku on Fridays ... often other days too, just because. I'm looking forward to visiting others too ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. I'm back again ...
    It occurs to me that this would make a lovely Mellow Yellow Monday post too. I've shared the Haiku Festival information in the sidebar of each of my blogs and will most likely share Haiku on each as well, so if time permits ... perhaps you could add Happily Retired Gal and Sacred Ruminations to the link list for tomorrow?
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Hi!
    Please include me in your list. I have contacted Tracy and will be joining you for the Haiku Festival :D
    My poems will be posted 11th afternoon (I just need two appropriate photos to go with!).

    Thank you!


  4. oh yes, bliss and wonderful is this haiku..have a great week ahead, hugs........M

  5. I will be posting a Haiku tomorrow in honor of your festival.
    Thanks for the idea, and inviting all to share:
    - Amy

  6. It IS bliss enough...thank you for hosting!

    I'm looking foward to heading off for visits tomorrow!

  7. an impressive list. i like your haiku.


  8. May I add a good book and a snack to this peaceful haven?

  9. Lovely Haiku. Quite unusually so, I thought!

  10. Dear Elizabeth,
    lovely Haiku pictures,
    in words and image!

    The link to PinkPurl does not work,
    at least on this side of the pond.

  11. Much too mentally lazy to particpate - or should I amend that to 'much to involved in my last OU essay to spare my blogging time in thinking' :)

  12. I couldn't get your link to work? I guess you might not know it. The one at the top of the page. The PinkPurl link.

  13. So sorry!
    I have now fixed the PINK PURL link.
    Please try again.

  14. Yes, this is indeed bliss enough - unless of course we were actually there...


  15. Your haiku is lovely Elizabeth! I'm off to check out some others on your lengthy list.

    Happy Haiku Festival :)

  16. Oh perfectly perfect, Elizabeth. All - the secluded bench, the sunny marigolds and your delightfully expressed haiku.

  17. Good morning Elizabeth.
    Your Haiku reminds me of a New York Spring. Before you and Bee organized this even, I hadn't read many Haiku.
    They are short and to the point, yet somehow touch me deeply.
    Thank you for organizing the Festival with Bee!!


    Have fun in the Land of Haiku today,
    absorbing Spring around the world!

  18. I meant organized this event!!!

  19. Very evocative, Elizabeth! The sensation of harmony is present in word and photo...beautiful! So many have join in and so many would like this even to come back next year--wonderful! Thanks again, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

  20. Yes, bliss indeed! =)

    Thank you for hosting this event with Tracy today ~ it was such a wonderful idea!

  21. Perhaps to late for me to join, but I've posted my first attempt at haiku on my site today.

  22. Bliss, indeed! So glad you came up with this idea. :-)

  23. Wonderful idea, beautiful poem and photo. You're a gem, Elizabeth!

  24. A lovely haiku, indeed. And many thanks for posting the links to all these other blogs (some of which are already in my weekly blog-tour).

    Greetings from London.

  25. Perfect haiku!

    I'm working on mine as we speak...

    it's not easy...

  26. I would love to sit in that garden.

    I cannot tell you how much fun my son and I had with this! Thank you so much for the invitation. Peace.

  27. I would definitely be happy in this spot. beautifully said.

  28. Yes, it is bliss, esp as I imagine myself there! Beautiful photo and words and a big thank you to you and Tracy for all this beauty and weavings of haiku today!

  29. it's way bliss enough Elizabeth - this was my first haiku experience - why I signed up to do it is beyond me, but I'm glad I did - thank you

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  31. I am sorry Elizabeth, I have been visiting so many blogs and for a moment I thought I was at Tracy's ;-)

    Thank you for what I personally hope will be the first of many more Haiku Festivals to come.

    And bliss it is...indeed.

  32. Please include in this lovely
    May haiku Fest.

    Aibreann ~

  33. Hi Elizabeth!

    Oh indeed, bliss!


  34. Peaceful, beautiful haiku Elizabeth!

    I enjoyed writing mine when I was flying home form Colardo. It kept my mind from feeling sad to leave, and also off the fact there were thunderstorms all the way home!

    I hope this will be a yearly event!

  35. So many searching
    finding light in the darkness
    New York’s storyline

  36. Fabulous photo .. inspiring Haiku

  37. Elizabeth - my haiku has been done... thanks, it was fun!

  38. That's lovely

    (sorry I didn't join in)


  39. Hi there! I joined the fun .. but am not certain how to link myself to a list ..... what a great idea!

  40. Yes! I would love to sit on that bench and admire the flowers!
    Lovely festival Elizabeth!

  41. Such a lovely Haiku and photo. I instantly felt transported to a calm and restful place (such bliss after a day in the classroom!). I adore Buster and his blog. Think I'll be returning! Thanks for co-hosting this event, it's been great. :)

  42. Lovely haiku and thanks for letting me join. I've enjoyed diving into all this fab poetry.

  43. Sorry to be a slowcoach - my laptop is at the mender's so it's harder to keep in touc at the mo. I've posted my haiku on The Magic Armchair Traveller. It was inspired by sunny springtime Somerset. Thanks for getting this together, and for your delightful haiku.

  44. I like Haiku's so tried a quick one - thanks for the opportunity to join

  45. Peaceful poem and photo :-)

  46. Oh dear, Elizabeth! I read my Haiku again and realized I had one too many syllables in the third line --- can we say EDIT ?????

  47. What a nice haiku!
    Sorry not to join you, friend.
    Vicarious joy?

  48. Thanks Elizabeth and Paz for organising a haiku festival. Such a stimulating idea, your image and wonderful haiku kept me busy for week reading about past Japanese Masters! Daunting, but yours was not.

  49. I really enjoyed Haiku. My first time making it with others. Thank you so much for holding this event.
    I have now posted mine! :D
    Have a wonderful week!

  50. Elizabeth
    great idea--thank you for hosting along with Tracy--loved your haiku..having fun reading the posts after a long day--best c

  51. Every one I've read is fabulous. Thank you for this!

  52. What a treat! Thank you for all this lovely, lovely writing.

    I wrote and posted at least one haiku every day in April (National Poetry Month) if anyone's looking for more (though there's enough here to feast on for days...)

  53. Lovely, lovely! Going to come back and poke around your site somemore after I read all the haiku. Thanks!

  54. didn't realize
    this haiku celebration:
    only for a day

    difficult to stop
    fingers tapping syllables
    measuring the words

  55. Better late then never. (smile) I am enjoying the list of Haiku poets.

    sticks, twine, bits of lint
    feathered architects fashion
    open-air tree cribs

  56. I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on everyone's wonderful haiku. You must make this an annual event, Elizabeth!

  57. Very nice.Feels cool and comfortable, peaceful, a place to sit and contemplate. Thanks for organizing the festival, Elizabeth.

  58. So many clever Haikus. This was a wonderful idea. I'm just sorry that I couldn't find a decent wireless connection while away.

    My dog sitter came wearing an interesting t-shirt the other day. It said:
    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don't make sense

    Everything I've linked to from here makes sense though!


  59. i was thunder struck (5)
    such wondrous simplicity, (7)
    haiku on fridays! (5)

    come see...
    come play!


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