Thursday, May 21, 2009

Collections of Things

This is a guessing game. I took this picture this morning on my way
 to the dog park. 22nd Street between 10th and 11th Avenues.
Lots of swanky art galleries.....
I will put the answer* in small writing at the bottom of the post.

These suitcases were outside the Chelsea Hotel.
But why are they so old fashioned?
Why don't they have little wheels?
Do you think they smell nice?
(No answers to these questions).

Guitars. Yes, you guessed right.

A collection of heirloom tomatoes.
Do they taste better or worse than regular tomatoes?
I will have to try some. 

*Bottles of Poland Spring water lying on their side. Not art. Maybe art.


  1. I thought they were boxed up footlights, ready for delivery. Only at the Chelsea would you find suitcases like that...well, maybe at Hotel 17, a place I've actually stayed. Love the guitars. The first thing I see when I wake up - 7 of them on stands next to my bed. Hope all is well. I'm back in blogland.

  2. It all looks like art to me.

  3. The way you have the bottles photographed...definitely art!

  4. I love your collection of collections. At first I thought the bottles of water were car headlights - part of an art exhibit.

    Sorry I have been so behind. You know how things get? Give that puppy a pat on the head for me.

  5. love, love, the retro luggage photo :)

  6. The first one was a puzzle, then obvious when I read the answer! A very sharp and interesting picture - even enlarged, the penny didn't drop for me.

  7. Oh yes, it's definitely art :)
    Have a nice weekend, Elizabeth!

  8. Suitcases without wheels
    not like now

    Now we have wheel independence
    and do not rely on porters

    We have more respect
    than to pay menial workers

    So we buy wheeled suitcases
    made cheaply in developing countries

    I love being so modern

  9. Why are so few readers of this excellent blog not from the distaff side?

    I deserve minority status.

  10. Hi Elizabeth!
    You turned Poland Springs into art, methinks! Those suitcases. A puzzel to think who's they are.

    sending a hug!

    Hi to Buster Brown!

  11. Looked like the bottoms of some sort of containers .. water bottles, I wouldnt have guessed

    Heirloom tomatoes are extremely tasty .. regular tomatoes have had the flavor cultivated out in favor of looks .. so now they look lovely but are tasteless .. the way flowers are bred to last longer and look perkier but have no scent.

  12. I thought they were headlights in an auto shop

    looks like art to me

    I love the old suitcases - I imagine some grand dame has all her photos and stage make-up in them :)


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