Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday Windows and Reflections

Peonies at Union Square. Yum. 
I cannot think why I didn't buy them.

A very shiny tasteful window display at ABC Carpet on Broadway.

A very shiny untasteful window display at a clairvoyant's on 20th Street.
What's this with clairvoyants anyway?
Note the reflection of the psychic traffic cone....

In keeping with the clairvoyant theme, this window
 had sort of ectoplasm in it -- or a sheet.....

Between 5th and 6th Avenues.
Almost chartreuse.


  1. Love the psychic traffic cone. Nice window display though.

    Happy weekend. Thanks for the creamy pink peonies.

  2. What a brilliant pink of spring! Love the peonies.

  3. LOVE the ABC window! Yes.. the psychic traffic cone is awesome! Great pics!

  4. Great pics. Love the pink peonies, I used to have some just like these in my garden. & How I miss them.

  5. Pretty flowers for a holiday weekend, enjoy!

  6. My peonies are just starting to show signs of buds .. we are way behind this season. Great photo ..

  7. Oh, my peonies are blooming this weekend. I'm heading out soon with my clippers!

  8. OMG! the peonies! such show stoppers - mine should open in the next couple of weeks!

  9. It's always interesting to walk the streets of New York with you, especially since I've never actual been there.

    Helene Hanff (author of 84 Charing Cross Road) wrote a couple of lovely little books about the sights of her home town, New York.

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for your lovely bon voyage message...we depart tomorrow!

  10. Great walk :-)
    The bright pink peonies look lovely. Mine still need a couple of weeks to bloom.

  11. It is nice now to think of you popping up here and there with your camera.

  12. I can't get past those peonies; they really are so yummy. (Ours are fading now; so sad to me. Thank goodness the roses are coming.)

    Your "reflections" are always worthwhile, E. xx

    revel is the word verfication!
    SUCH a good word.

  13. That first shot is beautiful, especially as we are in the last week of autumn here.

    Thanks so much for letting me know the novel has arrived. I'd love to know what you think of it .....

  14. I'd have bought those peonies too. Love them!

  15. Dear Elizabeth,
    These peonies are beautiful the way you photographed them!! You will have them forever!!

    Once you told me to take photos of the things I have surrendered. I did it. It was good advise. I don't miss any of my stuff. Thank you for helping me realize this!


  16. OMG...I haven't thought of ABC in years! We walked in there one day when they were first starting to sell antique furniture and had just gotten a shipment in. I think we purchased the complete container!! Back then it was so inexpensive...their prices have gone up considerably.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane...I always love to see the images of NY!

  17. Window shopping with you, Elizabeth, has never been more enjoyable. Love the view from the outside, inside. Oh and I need those pink peonies!!!
    Love to you.<3

  18. love your peonies. I can't wait till the ones in my backyard bloom!

  19. A stroll with you is always a delight, thank you!

    I happen to wonder too, why in the world did you not buy the peonies?
    I happened to buy an armful yesterday at the market, for one of my daughters. ;-)

  20. I especially love the flowers



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