Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Some people contend
that haiku are stilted. Yes,
I have to agree

But poets will say
that to contemplate nature
enriches us all....

I am in process of compiling the list of international bloggers - in no particular order - joining in the fun and will work on the list during the day today. Please let me know this evening if your name does not appear or if your link doesn't work for some reason.....It will take me a few hours to gather all the bits and pieces together.........

1. BeeDrunken , England
2. Tracy Pinkpurl, from Norway
3. Paz's New York Minute, USA
4. WillowManor,USA
5. Merisi, Austria
6. Rochambeau, USA
7. HighDesertDiva,USA
8. HeyHarriet, Australia
9. Rodrigvitzstyle, USA
10. M.Gosden, USA
11. Artsortments, USA
12. A Thousand ClappingHands, USA
13. FrenchFancy, France
14. WillowsCottage, USA
15. BonBonOiseau, USA
16. Eb Elizabeth Bunsen, USA
17. PoetiKat, Canada
18. Pat, Australia
19. Jennifer, USA
20. Pat, Mille Fiore Favoriti,USA
21. Tessa, England
22. Denizblog, USA
23. Isabel, USA
24. Braja, India
25. ButternutSquash, USA
26. Critters'nsuch, USA
27. Magpie, USA
28. RinklyRimes, Australia
29. Polly, England.
31.  ArtIt, USA
32. TheLeener, USA
33. Marinela, USA
35. Dodadidit, UK


  1. I like your haiku! The Haiku Festival is such a nifty idea. I just popped your haiku festival logo in my sidebar. Probably a little late, but not having a computer for a week has left me way behind and I'm now slowly catching up :)

  2. Oh I love haiku! And all other things Japanese... I'm going to put the haiku logo on my blog and try to write one for the festival.

  3. Those are beautiful flowers, and the photo is fantastic.

    Maryland would like to be on your list!

    You should also join our town shoot outs.

    Hope you are high and dry up there. We had waterfront property here for a few days with all the rain.

    Rain, rain, go away.

  4. Your Haiku logo is on my sidebar! I will not be shooting flowers - yours are superb.

  5. Fabulous photo.. awesome list of haiku bloggers .. alas I dont 'get' haiku .. could be this is another of those I stunk at math things

  6. good Haiku - if I had any brain left atm I'd join in.

  7. Looking forward to
    seasonal inspiration
    to jump off the page


  8. what a pretty flower

    I love reading Haiku, I'm useless at writing it - I'm just too wordy ;)

    but I'm looking forward to reading everyone else

    I mentioned you and Buster in the post I'm about to publish. I am so in love with him :)

  9. Hey you......busy woman.....yes, link doesn't go anywhere.

    Give Buster a big hug from me and Harley.

    xo K

  10. Elizabeth - Am I correct in noticing that I am in this list? If so, I must correct you on two counts - firstly, I am Poet i kat (all one word) and secondly, I live in Canada. Ha ha.

    If this is actually someone else, forgive me (and you need to add me to your list).


  11. Karen

    I think I have fixed the links! Sorry.

  12. Sweet Elizabeth,
    jumps into the fray.
    She loves playing with words.

    Oh dear,
    I really said I'd play along? ;-)

  13. Thank you so much Elizabeth - that truly is an international list if ever there was one!

    Spectacularly beautiful and soul soothing photographs, too.

    (PS. My link doesn't work)

  14. Funny haiku! That's neat to compile a list of international bloggers - I have a few more expat bloggers in my sidebar if you want more. I loved your rain shots, especially the puddle, below. I hope the sun shines on you.

  15. Oh Shoot! Sorry Elizabeth, but there's another correction that needs to be made. I will be posting the haiku on my main blog Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes


    Blasts From the Past is secondary to the above blog.

    Thanks! I hope I'm not being too much trouble.


  16. This is going to be so much fun! Thanks for taking the time to organize this, Elizabeth.

  17. Haiku is such good mental exercise...I wrote mine on my plane trip home. I guess you can guess my themes? :-)

  18. gorgeous flower pics - remind me of a wedding - hmmm, the link you have for me goes a bit astray - try - that should do it....such a job you have taken on.....

  19. I'm trying and trying and nothing is coming out in haiku! I'll have to come up with SOMETHING soon!

    I enjoy seagulls, too. The Professor says they're just nasty bird, but I rather like them. And they're beautiful when they fly!

  20. Thank you for including me in your Haiku Festival - it's a pleasure following you and Tracy on your blogs!

  21. I'm so excited to be on this list! Thank you for including me - I've been having fun turning my brain into a pretzel!

  22. Got the invite on my sidebar. I plan on being there.

  23. I can almost smell the chilled wet fragrant flowers! Love that photo.

    I'm looking forward to the Haiku festival . . . there is beauty in the brevity, as it allows us to visit lots of people!

  24. Damp day Manhattan
    petals on wet walkway
    memories of spring

  25. What a wonderful list of participants. ;-)


  26. Hi, Elizabeth! Your haiku is terrific! And what fun to see that so many are joining in on the haiku festival! I have about 20 people signed up at my blog, and there seems to be one-two-three signing up daily still, so I will wait to post my list at the weekend. Very exciting! I've been writing and thinking haiku all week. :o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  27. P.S. Love your haiku! ;-)


  28. what a great idea Elizabeth! I look forward to perusing your "list".
    & are those hydrangeas?

  29. You have a lovely blog here, although I actually found you via your Marakesh blog.

  30. Please make sure you ad me too. I can't wait to join in on the Haiku festival.

  31. meeting others who
    enjoy writing and reading
    Haiku sounds like fun ;--)

    Thanks for creating this list. I'll look forward to visiting everyone as time permits.
    Hugs and blessings,

  32. I'm looking forward to this!

  33. Hello Elizabeth, I will be joining the Haiku fun with you.
    It's been very interesting turning my mind over to it's process!
    Your verse is really amazing!!

  34. Hello Elizabeth...I've jumped in too. Just posted my haiku.


I look forward to hearing from you!