Sunday, May 10, 2009

Actual Shadows for Once

Because it has been so rainy lately, I had to wait until this
 morning to get some proper shadows for
At last! 
So I rushed around trying to get my stunning flowers
into a sunny spot. My advice: make sure to have amazing children.


Robert's work table. Kind of messy, but when the light is just right....

And my trusty Moroccan shopping basket for being environmentally pure.
Even though I now have to collect plastic bags too.
(The dog would be embarrassed if I told you what for...)

Hooray! Two more haiku writers for tomorrow:
Dale from The Thread Studio,  Australia
and Shell from New York


  1. That first shadow shot is so pretty. I collect plastic bags for the very same reason :)

    Your haiku list is huge now. How wonderful it is that so many people are willing to share their poetry. I'm looking forward to checking them all out tomorrow. I was a little confused because it is Monday here already. I thought it was happening now. Crazy timezones ;D

  2. Elizabeth, Great shadows through the chair back. I have a similar situation with recycling. Your poor dog has to suffer because of your almost-share...I guess he can't read so he doesn't know! Love to you and Happy Mother's Day. <3

  3. A lovely fortuitous shadow today for you, as for me - the sun came out for both of us in a timely way!

  4. LOVE the photo at the top especially, Elizabeth...that floral arrangement is so lovely. And what a great back for Buster's...well, you know what! ;o) LOL! Poor Buster... The list for the haiku event tomorrow grows...the numbers that have signed on here alone is tremendous! Happy day, my friend ((HUGS))

  5. He he... your shots are wonderful. Messy or not you always get the perfect shadows.

    I do collect plastic bags too but not with the same reason. I collect them for all food left-overs. I don't like to throw directly to the bin. I hate the smell.

    Well... great SHADOW SHOTS!

  6. beautiful flowers and shadows
    love the work table, so warm looking

  7. It's nice to see photos of the "domestic setting," too. Did your American children get you those wonderful flowers for Mother's Day? I tried to tell my people that today was Mother's Day, and that I deserved treats and exaltation, but they dismissed it.

    I've finally visited your Oxford friend -- and she and baby are adorable.

  8. Love your shadows. hee hee, I've guessed what the plastic bags are for!!!

  9. Hello Elizabeth! Thanks to you and Tracy for this haiku invite! I already let Tracy know that I'll be joining you, 5-7-5 on 5-10-09!

    Love your shadows, I'm always looking for shadow patterns for I love their dance with the light.

    FYI: For the first time, I just got biodegradable doggie bags (not for take home food...) found them at our local feed store and I've seen them on line...

    See you tomorrow!!!

  10. So fun to see Robert's desk. And I think I have that very same basket:-)

  11. Happy Mother's day Elizabeth! Love your shadows.

  12. Happy Mother's Day Elizabeth!
    Very nice shadow shot you caught!

    I'm ready for tomorrow. If you have time, could you please email me Tracy's link?

    Many thanks,

  13. I just realized Tracy left you a comment. SO, I will figure it out!!

  14. Marvelous shadow series today ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. I love the bouquet shadow. The play of watery shadow and sunlight is gorgeous.

  16. Love that first shot...very pretty!

  17. Lovely shadow shots in the apartment.


  18. the flowers look beautiful basking in the sun and casting their long shadows.

    I'll be joining this haiku fest and hope to post my haiku tonight.

  19. I LOVE Robert's worktable and his chair. Very pretty shadows from your bag too.

  20. The flowers are lovely, as are their shadows. I really like the shadows of the slates of the chair and the handles of the bag...very nice!


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