Friday, May 8, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now

For some thoughts on the haiku festival see Tracy's thoughtful blog post here.

Lord Ganesha encourages us to dance. 
Broadway and 20th Street.

A long time ago we were told to curb our dogs.
The ghost dog still dances.
22nd Street and 8th Avenue.

Below my study window is a little garden.
One day we saw that someone had thrown the  prop-up sign from the
 clairvoyant and palm reader across the street into the bushes.
I asked R. if I should go and tell them where their sign was.
He thought that should not be necessary. They now have a new sign.

What a jumble of puffed up monsters in Stella McCartney's window!
14th Street in the Meatpacking District.


  1. If I were Stella I'd sack the window dresser and get me over there to do a better job.

    Couldn't see the ghost dog, I'm afraid

  2. Delightful photos...especially ghost dog. Which reminds me again of the Jim Jarmusch movie. I've already thought of it twice this morning...coincidences. : )

  3. Great photos! Especially that last one. The puffed up toys look like they're hugging one another.

    The ghost dog is definitely there... I'm amazed this sign survived so long.

  4. I like Stella's window, it's whimsical

    I laughed at your husband's comment about the sign! They really should have known where it was

  5. Seems like the clairvoyant should have known where her sign went. Love old weathered signs. So on Haiku Day do we just post haikus on our blog?

  6. oh, I enjoyed this post this morning and the Stella McCartney? window - the best!

  7. I agree with Robert, the fortune teller should have known where the sign was .. when I walk past fortune teller/clairvoyant establishments I think 'I bet they know I am not coming in' ..

  8. Such a fun post, Elizabeth...dancing Ganesha, ghost dogs and blow-up animals...very playful! Happy weekend :o) ((HUGS))

  9. Can't say I like that window either.

  10. My theory is this: Stella has several little boys and so she knows that if given something to look at, they won't whine when Mommy gazes in the window.

    I would have said the same thing about the sign in the bushes. And my husband would have replied to me in exactly the way that Robert did.

    I love these bits of whimsy -- dancing elephants and all.

  11. I am with Leenie and your husband...some fortune teller...although the price is not bad.
    Love the rusty old Curb Your Dog sign...I see the ghost dog :)

  12. That is the cutest little Ganesha I've ever seen. Cute belly button.

    Happy weekend Elizabeth.

  13. So, did you dance on Broaday and 20th? ;-)



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