Friday, May 22, 2009


For some reason things look more rectangular in the early
 evening when the sun is setting and the light is falling on the
 sides of buildings. What a lot of small windows there are.

Toy cars from above.
On 24th Street they go white, yellow, red, black.

Quite a lot of stripes.

This could almost be a castle. The bit on the top has a Norman look.

The building in the middle is almost finished.
The jury is out on this golden tower.


  1. what an interesting observation about the rectangle feeling at sunset - the last photo is gorgeous

  2. Great shots...have always felt that Manhattan was rectangle. It was always the easiest city to get around in as only the Hudson & FDR were curving. Love it...bumblebee yellow cabs and all!

  3. The quality of that evening light is superb Elizabeth.
    We are just about back to "normal" and I am glad to say tha physio thinks David's injury will not cause him long term trouble. My photos are as we speak being put on to DVD - shall enjoy looking at them and remembering our happy time together.

  4. Oh, Elizabeth,
    this is eine Liebeserklärung an New York, dressed in squares! Loved all these images, thank you for sharing them with us, I truly enjoyed gazing at them, longingly.

  5. Your first shot fascinated me! When I visited The Big Apple I was intrigued at how much small-town stuff was around in between the glitz.

  6. It really does look very lego-esque. (I love your way of seeing the world, E.)

  7. Love your rectangular observations.


  8. I love the gold tower. Anything that reflects sunlight like that is fine with me.

  9. I was laughing when I saw this one yesterday! Perhaps I will bring back a flower or two from LI. It has been a noisy day today, with the Thunderbirds practicing out of Republic Airport for their show at Jones Beach. Great reflected sun shots.


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