Saturday, May 30, 2009

Billy's Bakery

9th Avenue and 21st Street

How engaged and mildly cheerful the workers are in the
 window of Billy's Bakery in Chelsea.  Not a bad sort of job
 really. Decorating cup cakes used to be a very popular
 activity at our children's birthday parties

Recipe for cupcakes from memory:


The weight of two eggs in butter and sugar
I teaspoon warm water
a pinch of salt
a dash of vanilla
4 oz. of self raising flour.


Cream butter and sugar
add egg beating carefully add salt and vanilla
add water
fold in sifted flour

Bake for 25 minutes at 350' 

Something a little self-consciously retro about Billy's
 but charming nonetheless.


  1. How wonderful to see these photos this morning. A scene in my fiction manuscript takes place in Billy's, so you gave me a smile today.

  2. he..he..not at all a bad job indeed!

  3. So charmingly compliments the lovely blush of your blog, Elizabeth!

  4. Charming,
    including the photographer! :-)

  5. it is charming
    and the neighborhood reflected in Billy's windows adds to the charm

  6. Who else would change her background to 50s pink in order to match her post? I think that making cupcakes has got to be one of the better forms of poorly paid labor . . . there is something so soothing about a large vat of frosting/icing.

    And how nice to have a large picture window to gaze out of! Did the bakers catch you photographing them?

    BTW, I made a Victoria sponge (stuffed with cream and strawberries, of course) last night. I read once that all English women know how to make that recipe by memory. True?

  7. Bee:
    Of course all English women ( of a certain age) can make a Victoria sponge from memory and probably by eye too
    and with a hand beater.......

  8. You look pretty in Pink Elizabeth!
    Thank you for your cupcake recipe for and for keeping me in the heart of New York!


  9. like a faux retro, I like it too.
    I like the whole feel of your photos, yes, these two look content & that is nice to see.

  10. I forget to mention earlier that I am very much impressed by your new pretty in pink look! :-)

  11. Make me want a cupcake....Barb

  12. Yum, cupcakes! Looks like a cute little bakery and it's nice to see the staff looking cheerful. Thanks for the cupcake recipe :) Happy weekend!

  13. It is an interesting pink as it seems to change colour on the way down, or else my eyes are really failing me tonight! Still, it sets off the transparency of the photos, and the subject so very well. A nice change!

  14. thanks for share. great picture

  15. I want to window shop some cupcakes! I love the pictures through the glass. It has a bit of a layered look with the reflections from the glass.

  16. Cupcakes are all the rage in DC at the moment, too. I'm not a fan of cupcakes which is probably why I wonder why.

    A better question is why not?

    Love the pics and your luscious new background color.


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