Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weaver, Farmer, Neue

Wet day, of course. 
What to do when a walk in Central Park is out of the question?
Weaver of Grass and her husband, The Farmer
are visiting New York from Yorkshire.

I want to show off New York. Make it be on its best behavior.
Elegant, cosmopolitan, luxe. So we have coffee and hot
 chocolate at Cafe Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie (a nod to Merisi)
where we can see Central Park from the windows.
We look at the Brucke exhibition...

... and the bookshop and gift shop's  delights.
Then take a bus down 5th Avenue alongside the park.

As we walk west along 59th Street, I spot this diner
and think we have everything here. 


  1. It must be wonderful to actually connect with someone from the blog world. How fortunate for the Weaver to be treated to a tour of New York with a person such as yourself, Elizabeth. I'm envious!


  2. What a delightful time! I'm sorry you're having rain. You could send us a little bit of it (with the hot chocolate, please) and we'll send you some 85F weather. We have some extra.

  3. Well done! You hit some great spots.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about our news...

  4. I like your friend's blog-another one to add to the list-thanks! It looks like you had a lovely refined New York day.

  5. New York is just wonderful on it's best behavior, yet I like it when it miss behaves too!

    Great photo's Biffwix!
    You done good, esp. that first one!!!


  6. So that's where Weaver is!! I was missing her posts. How wonderful that you two were able to spend some time together. Two of my favourite bloggers having tea! It makes me smile.

  7. In the restaurant you've created pictures that look like paintings! And what lovely comfortable seats!

  8. great tour and wonderful photos...I am longing to walk about now..

    best c

  9. Oh you most definitely do have everything there, and that's a beautiful thing.

  10. Great tour as well as the photos.
    I am sorry you are having rain.

  11. If you can't find it in New York -
    You DON'T need it!

    Aloha to you BOTH!

  12. Hey there Elizabeth,
    Just came back to congratulate you on being Britt's Blog of the week.
    Isn't she a great person??

  13. Those black & white photos look like something vintage. Nice. Glad to know where Weaver went. I was getting worried. Hi!, Weaver! Thanks for the virtual afternoon in The Big Apple.

  14. your place is very beautiful! o enjoyed looking at your pictures!

  15. Okay E, in about 9 years time for my 60th I'm hoping you'll be around for my guided tour and eventual meet-up.

    I loved the flowers (or flowering plant) in the book shop. What is it?

  16. I've just been feasting on Merisi's blog -- how funny that you mention it! I have a great longing for coffee in a luxe atmosphere. I'm sure that your Yorkshire friends will absolutely delight in anything you introduce them to.

    As for that diner shot, I love everything about it. The angle you use, the colors, the dear white-haired women strolling by.

  17. It appears you DO have everything there! Lucky guests to have you give them the tour!

  18. How wonderful to meet a fellow blogger. I have met a few and some of them you know...Susana, Karen and Constance.
    I adore the photo of the diner and the little gray haired lady with a back pack :)

  19. Hello - we arer back in Yorkshire now and can vouch for having a lovely time meeting you in NY> - now look forward to you visiting Yorkshire.


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