Friday, August 8, 2008


This morning the sun shines on the pool.

Reflecting the tall oak trees which surround it.

This particular float is very comfortable.
The dog jumps off the side of the pool and uses it as his boat.
I lie on it and look at the clouds.

Yesterday evening this cloud, catching the evening light, was astounding.
Such movement bubbling and boiling inside it.


  1. Love the dreamy, drifting feel...Happy weekend, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

  2. Elizabeth, lucky you to have the sun! It's cold and wet here in Maine, hmm, just like and English summer....I love the juxtaposition of pool and clouds. It's almost as good as being there myself. Say hi to the sun to me and encourage it to visit up north.

  3. There were some amazing cloud formations around here, too. And how about those endless thunderstorms?? Crazy weather!

  4. I'd love to sit on that float..but with an umbrella if the weather is anything like here. Whoa..what a big fluffy cloud...dont remember seeing one like that here and from the picture, it looks like its near enough to reach out and touch it..amazing. Happy weekend again :D

  5. We had clouds just like this today with blue, blue skies. I like to call it an N.C. Wyeth sky. You captured it so nicely~!

  6. Lovely! I'd love to jump in that pool.

    Paz ;-)

  7. These are the best cloud shots I have seen. They are astounding. x


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