Friday, August 22, 2008

59th Street Bridge

Because Manhattan is an island, bridges and tunnels are vital when one wishes to escape.
We were going to pick up a friend in Queens.
Take the 59th Street Bridge........
But it says the Queensborough Bridge.
That's what it's really called. OK. Finally things fall into place.

Much too much railing. But we are on the outer roadway.
Over Roosevelt Island where Robert's great aunt Barbara lived in a hospital for incurables in the 1920's. She wrote poetry.

Queens in the distance.......on the far side of the East River.

Everything on such a large scale.
A perfect blue day.


  1. Lovely pix! I like the story about the poor aunt there with the "incurables" writing poetry.

  2. The world through railings. Probably not much else to do in the Incurable Hospital but write poetry, seems like a perfect fit.

  3. How interesting about great aunt Barbara. Nice shots from the bridge.


  4. 59th Street Bridge. I can only read about this in books or see in a movie. And now you! History, love it Elizabeth.

  5. Hoping you all also know the song, "Slow down, you move too fast, got to make the moment last .... feeling groovy."

    There is a fabulous view of this lovely bridge available from the dressing room where I get my annual mammograms done. Didn't expect that, did you? Anyhow, I do just love to have another glimpse of the 59th Street Bridge just before I see what might be in my future. So far, the Bridge has sent me good fortune.

    Feeling groovy.


  6. I have found that bridges and tunnels are fun, but are a challenge sometime. Luckily, our commute to school is just 6 blocks, walking!

  7. Bridges and tunnels?? Oh, I do cross the mighty 4th ave bridge that spans all of 30 feet of the Souris River each morning on my commute to Des Lacs (population 206, 423 when school is in session). There was a tunnel here also. But it was condemned and replaced by an overpass.

  8. Perfect blue day for perfect pictures!! Beautiful, happy week ahead, HUGS :d

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  10. Just travelled over the bridge with you and went to Fire Island and also enjoyed the beautiful reflections in the pond.

  11. The railing makes for interesting pictures though...


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