Saturday, August 30, 2008


The city of Brotherly Love - in our case sisterly love since I was there with blogging friends.
For some reason it is the little details that catch my attention and make me want to record them. Here a doorstep from a row of little red brick houses built in the 18th century. They reminded me a lot of England.

A yellow window reflecting more of the little houses - there was lots of red, yellow and green somehow.

A quiet darker doorway with a dead vine which manages to look decoratif.

And the brightest window/wall/window box combo - so amazingly cheerful.

I like things which look a little battered and shabby-chic, or, I suppose, just plain shabby.............

More of the same...........

What on earth kind of soda is this? A picture taken on the wall of a whole house made of mosaics.

The gilding is coming off but rather lovely even so.........


  1. Hello Elizabeth, I came over from Constance's blog..oo gals sure know how to party! I was so envious of everyone dressing up and going out, looks way too much fun ;d I want to come one day too!! Again, wonderful how you capture everything. Happy weekend :D

  2. Doesn't Philly have the neatest old neighborhoods and doors? Our daughter lives in the Rittenhouse area and the doors and window boxes of the row houses are so charming!

  3. I like things that are battered and shabby-chic too, Elizabeth. Great group of pictures! :)

  4. That's one merry flower box, in all its simplicity!

  5. hi dear Elizabeth - so fun to see these doorways gathered here - it is as if Blogstock is now eternally with us as each new take spins out into the cyber world - wishing you well - missing you as well too - so happy we met - all of us...

    xox - eb.

  6. A really nice bunch of photos. I like the shabby ones best. A few of these made me think of Morocco.

  7. Hello Elizabeth,

    DQ might be Dairy Queen. I remember their ice cream cones that always had a little pompadour twirl at the top.

    Beautiful photos!

  8. LOVE the old pink doors, thanks again for the tour of a foreign land, to me...even the remnants of human trash is somehow artsy, though sad...


  9. Love the details you see!
    Shabby W/out chic!! Me too. I love how things look when their worn. Things that have character and aren't perfect. Things that have a history that contain life.

    Beautiful post Elizabeth.
    We will have to meet M.kate one of these days!!!!!!

  10. Love that red and white shabby chic door!!!

    Looks like it is a melted slushy.

  11. These colors, your take on Philly...lovely!
    I am also attracted to these doors and windows, the layers of paint, and the history behind them. It always makes me think of what they could tell us of the past, their inhabitants, places we no longer are a part of but that still make us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves :)



  12. Hi Elizabeth,
    I love your view of the world...and the windows that caught your attention.

    I have Philadelphia in my heart...


  13. I've been away with dismal internet service. Fun catching up!


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