Monday, September 1, 2008

East End/Happy Labor Day

We decided to do a little end-of- summer tour of Long Island. Our so called Staycation.
Because we are always early for everything, we did it last week when there were fewer happy holidaymakers on the loose.
Now I am no longer gainfully employed, Labor Day weekend is not quite so doomy as it used to be.
Here the windmill at East Hampton reminding us of Long Island's very agricultural past.

The diner in Bridgehampton with its very traditional floor and nice counter stools is full of people wearing shorts.
Labor Day makes us nostalgic for summer already.

More counter stools.

Families eating together in the clean blue and white space.

Sag Harbor was a very prosperous town in the days of the whaling trade. The houses there are substantial and set in large gardens.

The Masonic Hall, now a museum, is far too splendid and many pillared for my taste.

The gardens were in fine late summer fettle, beautifully green because rain has been plentiful.

Morning glories are brilliant hued but a little melancholy because of the time of year they appear.

The American Hotel looks very inviting...........


  1. oooh sounds delightful and good to get Robert away from the canvas!

  2. Happy Labor Day back to you, Elizabeth. What lovely photos ... they bring us fresh air and a bit of nostalgic yearning for traditional soda fountains.

    All the angles in your pictures are delightful.


  3. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your trip with us :-).
    Happy Labor Day!

  4. Wonderful trip :D Love the windmill and that big white house looks so stately. Ah..morning of my fav flower, happy week :D

  5. Thanks for the Long Island tour! That was fun! It's been a long time since I've seen a windmill. I don't very often see eateries with stools anymore either. Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend :)

  6. Familiar territory for me...just seeing the Candy Kitchen makes me long for their mint chocolate chip ice cream. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Was it mobbed out there?

  7. Looks like you enjoyed your Labor Day was a lovely one here.


  8. Having said that you haven't been in England this time of year for ages reminds me that I haven't been in NY this time of year in ages! Looks nice and green!


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