Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Walk Through Chelsea/London

Cheyne ( unfortunate name) Walk.........Nothing such fun as looking into other people's houses and gardens. I am a horrible snoop or else curious, nosy, inquisitive. Much better than being utterly incurious about the world. Hm.........

"Oh look!" said Linda. "George Eliot........died here." We would have rather she lived but anyway.........The door a very tasteful eau de nil.

Rather a jarring juxtaposition of white and red..........

Here a wonderful real life vine emerges between two buildings into the sunshine.

A bold red door with black and white steps - urban and classic.

More black and white tiles.
What fun we have imagining the lives of the occupants.

Plastic dustbins, bicycle, cyclamen.

Blue door and bushes.


  1. I love London doorsteps too. Those black and white tiles are so appealing. Now I'm missing good Indian food as that's what we always have when we stay in London. Keep snooping.

  2. OMG...I just posted a George Eliot quote on my sidebar! Our vibes must be in tune.

    I love your NY pix, but there's just something magical about England.

  3. I love all those colours!
    Husband has just caught a train to London. He is working at an exhibition in Chelsea until Wednesday.
    How long are you visiting for?

  4. How interesting all the doors and doorsteps. Very cool.


  5. Did you knock on any of the doors? It looks so tempting, just to walk up the steps and see who answers, maybe make up story about how your parents used to live here and could you have look around.....

  6. It's very different from our Chelsea-huh?

  7. My fave area of London but way expensive!!

  8. Hi Elizabeth, I'm working my way backwards through all your England posts and enjoying them immensely. All these doors are fun to look you, I LOVE peeking into other people's homes and nosy - ha ha! But I think it's a friendly sort of curiosity, not really snoopy or intrusive (at least I hope not).


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