Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Having said I didn't like orange, I have to admit it has a certain in-you-face charm.

We went to Queens by subway yesterday to look at stone for a counter top.
Needless to say, the seats were orange.

In fact the whole subway experience was orange.

When we eventually found the marble/granite warehouse we noticed a whole list of safety regulations on the walls. For example: no open toed shoes/safety goggles at all times. These were completely ignored. Obviously, we were not crushed to a soggy pulp, though it was an ever present possibility.
Having escaped death, we needed lunch. Queens has amazing ethic possibilities. We checked out the Czech place (pun.hahha) since R's heritage is Czech and we have never been there. The pink wall was attractive but the lunch choices very heavy for a hot day.
In the winter perhaps?
Since we were in Astoria we had Greek stuff instead.

Getting back to Chelsea on the subway meant a change at 42nd Street and a fairly long underground (beastly hot) hike.
However, this was enlivened by mosaic murals.
I was especially taken by the attentive dog in this one.

Here they are doing something constructive but some how the man in the middle looks as if he is using crutches.


  1. I have never been on a subway much less an underground tunnel, NY is so different from here. Love the artwork.

  2. Great photos. Your trains look very clean!

  3. Loving those mosaic murals! I also enjoyed your orange subway photos. Orange is close to rust, and you know how I feel about that!

  4. Ah, Elizabeth, now you are walking my way! I also love the mosaics underground, how the various stations have had artists do something appropriate for that station.

  5. I like so much your photos!
    I am glad I found your blog!

  6. What a difference...your city life. I've never been on a subway...

  7. The mosaic is my favorite, splenid sight. The turnstyles in NY metros always make me think about how it would be impossible to flee in case of emergency. The Washington ones are much lower, one can jump over them (there are no barriers at all in Vienna, you simply walk in).

    Orange you glad ....
    Can't help it, that colour always does that to me. ;-)
    Once upon a time, I wasn't too enthusiastic about orange. Now, I changed my mind. Orange can be great (and not only if it's the colour of an Herm├Ęs gift box *g*), depending on material and shade.


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