Saturday, September 13, 2008

14th Street

Altogether too much color lately.
Here another group of planters between 14th and 13th Street - there are even more outside the Apple store.
Maybe people are winning in the battle against traffic?
It would be wonderful.

An elegant bird in a furniture shop window surveys the activity outside.............


  1. This second shot is wonderful. The bird and then the reflection of the

  2. Love the brick work in the sidewalk and it is all so peaceful and quiet...have the sound turned off on the PC...probably not the norm there huh...


  3. How nice with the black and white/grey photos. I love colours, but sometimes you see even more when the shades are only grey.

  4. Bonjour !
    Elles sont très jolies Tes photos en noir & blanc...
    Very beautiful your "black and white" shots !

  5. That looks like the Meatpacking District. I haven't done B&W photos yet.

    Definitely on my LONG list of things to do.


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