Sunday, September 21, 2008

A 90th Birthday Party

This is narrated from the point of view of one of the little children there who are all my aunt's

There was lots of food that we ate in a tent in the garden.
We had potatoes and shepherds pie. All ten of us great-grandchildren were there and all sorts of grownups who made speeches and clapped and said things like, "I haven't see you for thirty years and you look exactly the same........."

There were people from Canada and Spain and Scotland and America as well as people from England.
There were brownies and icecream and fruit salad for pudding.

The table decorations looked as if they came from a shop but one of our mothers made them. The green things are hops.
The metal confetti said "90" in different colors.

At teatime we carried a cake into the garden and our great grandmother blew out the candles.

Later on we just played.


  1. How wonderful Elizabeth!
    I am so glad for your Great Grandmother and for all of you who were able to share that moment with her.

    PS-I got my Wix Packages yesterday ;)!!!! I'll be getting comfy today with your words and a great cup of tea....

  2. Lovely Elizabeth. Great fun and blessings for all generations.

  3. Happy 90th Birthday! I do hope great Grandmother enjoyed her party amongst younger generations. x

  4. Happy Birthday "Mutty"

    Pretty shots...

  5. Waht a lovely party! A great reason for coming all this way :)

  6. What a lovely day! Happy birthday to your great grandmother!

  7. Happy 90th to the great Granny! May she have many spry years to come.

  8. It all looks like a lovely party..Happy birthday to your great grandmother !

    and i love the line : "I haven't seen you for 30 yrs and you look the same"

  9. Thanks for visiting me today Elizabeth! Yes, we should get together someday, and share NYC experiences!

    Lovely birthday party for great grandmother! My Mom is 86 and has 7 great garandchildren and another one on the way, so I hope to be able to do the same in the future.

  10. All that pastel colors made it look like an Easter party for the kids.

    Wish Great Grandma Happy 90th Birthday from all of us bloggers.

  11. cute, fun and beautiful.. Luckily I live far from you..otherwise, I'll self invite myself :D have a great week ahead..hugs :P

  12. What a fun way to tell the story. I always enjoy the voice of a child, and it is good to know you are still a child a heart. Enjoy England...I have to make it there someday. We will, hopefully, see you in the summer. Enjoy!

  13. Happy birthday to the great grandmother! What a lovely party! :)

  14. What a lovely celebration! One of my grandmothers turned 90 this year. That's an amazing long life!

  15. How wonderful for you and those little ones to have her! So special. :-)

  16. Happy birthday to your great grandmother! Lovely photos. Cute kids!


  17. Elizabeth - this is a delight!
    I have so enjoyed your English traveling - love the coronation story - stuff does happen - I have an early memory around a stolen rose...

    for another day - missing you...

    much love

    xox - eb.

    the Vermont Elizabeth


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