Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Domestic Details

Most photos on this blog tend to be taken when rushing about the place.
But really there is nothing I like so much as hanging around at home not doing very much.

Here is a detail of the painting R. just finished. The pink cloud is very summery and the pool image seasonal too.

Somehow bits of paper which happen as byproducts of paintings seem to have an accidental charm of their own.

Great excitement yesterday as the new countertop arrived. We have never had a stone one before and will, no doubt, look at it for hours. It reminds me of the beach at Essouira when the tide pulls water through darker sand. The zinnias have little speckles in them.

As well as zinnias, the green market at Union Square had all the red fruits one could dream of - peaches, apples, plums, raspberries. The late afternoon sun sneaks in sideways...........


  1. Hello !

    Jolis tableaux...

    Et belles photos...

  2. Me too...hanging around home and not doing very much! :)

    Lovely photos and wonderful painting.

  3. THe colors of Robert's painting are so evocative of summer, I feel like going back to Karen's pool ;)
    And that countertop has such movement! I do love to be home and look at old corners with new eyes.

  4. Oh that painting is beautiful! Your new countertop does look very impressive! I love chilling at at home also :)

  5. Ah, to spend more time at home doing nothing and setting up still lives! Sounds good to me!

  6. Your new countertop does indeed look very much like the beach!

  7. Add my admiration for the new countertop. *Wish* the being home thing entailed more 'chilling' - am feeling the squeeze of relentless deadline once again..

  8. All beautiful images. I really like the painting, like small details of a life :-).

  9. Elizabeth,

    These images, the fragments, the soft light, R's paintings!!

    Oh, I am enjoying it all...


  10. Beautiful paintings..I wish I could just stay at home and do nothing..though at weekends,I am practically a slave to the house, kids and rabbits hmmm....maybe office work is not so bad :D But seriously, I'd love to stay at home..when the kids @ school !

  11. Very nice paintings, flowers and countertop!


  12. Same with me, hanging around and so! Then I have the best ideas!
    Your photos are lovely! The new countertop is beautiful!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice week!


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