Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crossing London Bridge on a Rainy Day

I hit the 'antique' button because being in London is rather nostalgic to me..........

The river is wide and misty on a Wednesday morning. I am on the top of a bus looking about me.
I didn't bother with an umbrella..........

On the city side of the bridge the rain has set in with a will.

By the time we neared Liverpool Street Station everyone outside was soaking wet.


  1. Your pictures remind me of a book I read to my children when they were small called "Pea Soup and Sea Serpents".

  2. Those sepia shots look so good. I was going to say it's a shame you had rain today (none here) but it gave your photos a great edge!

  3. Now that looks like the England I remember. At least you got some sunny days. I love the artsy road shot below and the sepia tone is great with the fog. It's supposed to rain here too starting tomorrow through the weekend. I actually need some bad weather to catch up on household stuff.

  4. Elizabeth I have only just found this new blog of yours. I have been looking in the wrong places, never thought the link would be on your sidebar from Marrakesh.
    I have enjoyed seeing London through your eyes. You find as interesting pictures here as you did in Marrakesh. Especially the doors.
    I did not need reminding of the rain though.

  5. Well, dear Elizabeth, I think you are going to need yet another blog..........about London, of course!!!

    Especially loved the blog entry from the childrens point of view.

    Missing you.

    The dish towels work great, BTW :-)

  6. The first 2 picture looks very vintage...reminds me so much of my last trip to london...mooons ago, happy weekend Elizabeth :D

  7. Hello You !
    Very nice photos...
    The sepia are beautiful...

    See You later.

  8. Wow! Rainy day, indeed. We had a lot of rain this Friday. All day!

    Paz xxoo

  9. Its really amazing while crossing London Bridge on a Rainy Day. Imagine rain is sprinkling on vast water, its glorious.
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