Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Philosophical Walk by Central Park

The other afternoon I went to the Frick Collection with my daughter in law.
Such an amazing collection of the most exquisite European paintings and sculpture. How delightful to be able to go shopping and buy almost anything you want - and have a nice 5th Avenue Mansion to put it in.

Then we walked along 5th Avenue by the park and came upon this stone bench with all the birds enjoying it - of course most of them were photo-shy and flew away.
It was a most delightful late August afternoon. Bright but not too hot.

Then this war memorial at 67th Street to soldiers of the 7th Regiment killed in the First World War..........

And finally a glimpse into the little zoo with the children enjoying the last days of summer freedom.
Much to ponder.


  1. The Frick Collection is something I would have really enjoyed!

  2. It looks like you had beautiful weather for the outing too!

  3. Waaah! This is a blog that makes me cry - you're showing pictures of my home and I miss it so!

  4. ooohhhhh...
    this last photo
    looks at if
    the animals are wandring around watching
    the caged children,
    don't you think?


    so much for philosophy, missy.

    i am watching the wind grow stronger
    and stronger

  5. A perfect glimpse of Central Park...

  6. How interesting, dont you just love seeing children..all the laughing and playing around, makes me happy all the time...when they are not fighting of course haha

  7. Thank you. I enjoyed strolling by Central Park with you! Next time we should stop somewhere along the way for coffee. And cake :) I like the look of that cute little zoo

  8. Did you both go to see a particular exhibition at The Frick? Do you know of any interesting exhibitions in the City this Fall?


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