Friday, September 19, 2008

Chelsea Physic Garden

By the Embankment in Chelsea - and pre-dating it - is the Chelsea Physic Garden. You can read proper, informative stuff about it on the website.
You enter it by a little gate on Swans Walk. The big important wrought iron gates being reserved "for royalty - or exceptionally large deliveries of manure" - as we were informed by a guide.

Anyway, the garden is to be preserved in perpetuity and contains all sorts of medicinal plants and herbs collected over many years from the 17th century. There is a statue of Sir Hans Sloane - as in Sloane Square.

The shapes of the plants' leaves are amazing, though the garden has a sort of lyrical messiness since the plants are allowed to run to seed rather than being dead-headed in the usual English style.(This is so they can collect the seeds for research and so forth.)

There are lots of wheelbarrows and gardeners toiling away. Rather an enviable job, I would have thought.

It was a marvelously sunny day for early autumn.

Here are all sorts of clever and important 18th century characters near the aforementioned statue.

Lunch was served in an old house in the grounds where the tables were decorated with orange gourds and the whole thing looked like a church hall in the 1950's. The food was home made and delicious.

But we sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and quiche an delicious salads.


  1. "...gates being reserved for royalty - or exceptionally large deliveries of manure"....Love that!

  2. Oh, this looks so lovely! I really enjoy eating outside at this time of year, too.

  3. Gorgeous garden, makes me nostalgic for the homeland of one quarter of my great grandparents....

  4. I am so enjoying your tours of London! Keep it up. Since I can't be there, I am glad you are!

  5. You do make me miss England. I feel like I'm on vacation with you.

  6. Elizabeth, sorry to have missed seeing your before your voyage across the ocean.

    These London postings are reminding me of what I do love about that other City.

    Hoping that you will be posting lots more wonderful images.


  7. I'd love to walk through this garden. I saw a nice shadow shot in one of your photos. ;-)


  8. I loved the Chelsea Physic Garden! I have visited both times I've been in London. The cream scones taste extra special when eaten outside on a bench.

  9. I'd love to pay a visit to the Chelsea Physic Garden. I have enjoyed the tour around. This one will definitely be going on my list of gardens to visit. x

  10. What a lovely garden!! Love the landscaping.


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