Saturday, September 27, 2008

Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness/England

Looking across the garden to the fields.

Flowers gathered for decorating the church for harvest festival.

A staddle stone that looks a bit like a stone mushroom.

A bountiful apple tree.


  1. Lucky you to have the sun - it is raining here and foggy. That first shot looks like a painting - gorgeous!

  2. You have done it again Elizabeth in creating such atmosphere. Glad you so enjoyed your day, I did too.
    Glad you got some nice weather before you return to the US.

  3. Your pictures are really great. You are becoming quite the photographer. The birthday pictures are lovely-what cute kids. Looking forward to seeing you when you come back to the states.-Kristin

  4. Oh, I'm so glad that I've checked your blog! I've always loved those words ("season of mists and mellow fruitfulness") and how appropriate they are today. I wandered out in my garden this morning and it was swathed in fog . . . but later it burned off and became a beautiful, golden day. Little daughter and I picked blackberries in the evening, and came home in the chilly, sun-streaked gloom. I'm delighted that you are in England when it is so fine.

  5. Lovely shots, Elizabeth! I wish I could witness Fall taking over England.

  6. Beautiful pictures, of course.

    But tell me, Elizabeth, what is a staddle stone?

    Look forward to seeing you when you get back to NY.


  7. lovely images Elizabeth!

    xox - eb.

  8. Love all the interesting lighting in these pics! But I think my favourite pic is of the flowers gathered for the harvest festival. There is a simple but beautiful elegance about them in that vase!

  9. Thank you for the beautiful guided tour, my ancesters were English and German...I have always longed to visit these grand vistas.



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