Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Railway Journey and the Old Curiosity Shop

Boring artsy photo on Guildford Station.........
I am catching a train to Salisbury.

But Wiltshire is very lovely and autumnal. The black blob on the lower left is Max, an antique labrador. Going for walks with dogs is a necessary part of the English day.

The hedgerows were resplendent with blackberries and red berries.

It was warm enough to eat lunch in the garden............

..........and admire the pink standard rose bush.

After lunch we went off to visit Tina who has an antique/bricabrac shop about three miles from Wylie.
To be perfectly honest, I have a horror of old junk.
I'm sure there are lots of treasures for the discerning eye. Apparently dealers come down from London to look through all the things Tina collects from estate sales and the clearing out of houses.
I liked her old corgi - which has very, very short legs - a great deal better than most of the things.
There were bone handled knives for less than a pound.

I was fascinated by the coronation mugs and royal memorabilia. Charles and Diana (!) Edward VIII, George V and Queen Mary.
When Queen Elizabeth's Coronation was celebrated I was given a coronation mug at the village hall in Ingrave. I dropped it out of my push-chair/stroller on the way home. It broke - needless to say.
One of my earliest memories.
Whenever I went to tea with little friends in the 50's, they all drank their milk out of their coronation mugs. Anyway...............


  1. Lovely catching with you here...and seeing your views of England! (Oh, how I miss England...and we were just there in July--LOL!) Salisbury...so beautiful the landscape there...Thanks for sharing! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  2. ---->The hedgerows were resplendent<---


    that is why i come over here.
    these words
    with these photos.



    nothing boring
    about artsy,
    in my book, missy.

    carry on.............

  3. The photo of the lane is lovely...

    I would love to be in that shop!

  4. Oh, I could spend hours digging in that shop! I have a ton of vintage commemorative memorabilia. Some of the same mugs as in your pic. That's cute about everyone drinking out of their coronation mugs in the 50's!

    That countryside photo with the road and sky is stunning!!!

  5. Oh dear, I'm more blind than I thought as I cannot see Max (I hope the name is right...it was Max?...my memory is as bad as my sight ;)

    You have a horror of old junk? Not me! I LOVE junk! I can spend ours sifting through old junk shops :)

    I'm enjoying my travels around England via you. Thanks!

  6. You are certainly keeping busy. I'm enjoying the photos!


  7. one person's artsy boring is another's absolute delight.

  8. Elizabeth, thank you again for taking us along on these journeys. Your enthusiasm is infectious.


  9. Beautiful visual and verbal journey. Thanks. I especially like the picture of the road.

  10. Love your shots of the shop. I quite like these sorts of places but I think you have to have the 'knack' to find a special item.

  11. Wonderful, Wonderful! I am so enjoying all your English posts!! Keep it up!


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