Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Early Morning Light

The sun emerges behind the Empire State Building just after 7am. and sends a shaft of light down 23rd Street.
It is now cloudy.
I like the taxi escaping lower left...........
I am off to England tonight.


  1. Elizabeth,

    Hoping that you will have a grand visit to England. Of course, you will be taking along your camera and your gifted eyes!

    Bon voyage,

  2. Pretty picture. England ! ! ! have a great time, think for sending me the Palinator blog link, great stuff.

  3. Pretty! Is this from your apartment?

    Have a wonderful trip! Safe travels! :^)

  4. Oh what lovely early morning light! I like the city at that time. Reminds of Lisbon at that same hour :)
    Enjoy your trip! Happy birthday to your aunt!

    PS-bring tons of new photos ;)



  5. Lovely how the sun finds the white building and makes it shine.

  6. Hop you are having a good flight!!

  7. That's a beautiful photo of the morning light! I'm so not a morning person and as such, sadly fail to see the beauty of the early sun most of the time. I walk around in a daze with my eyes half closed until filled up with coffee. So I appreciate seeing lovely photos such as these :)

  8. Off to England tonight??? You lucky duck! Have a glorious time!

  9. Very nice photo. Have a safe and fun trip.

    Paz xxoo

  10. I hope you enjoy your vist, the weather in the south is almost a late summer! I did say almost!
    Thanks for a visit Blossomcottage, and your comments and yes you do spy a Welsh Springer Spaniel she is called Maisie and a more loyal soul you could not wish to meet.
    I will visit you again when you are back at your blog in the meantime safe journey.

  11. Hi, Elizabeth! Everything about this composition is exciting! From the bright jewel-like light, gray-blue sky, and taxi taking off out of the picture...This image transports and has stories :o) Oh, to be in England! Wishing you safe, and very happy travels, my friend! Can't wait to hear your news from there. Happy Days ((HUGS))

  12. Elizabeth, hope you had a fine flight. What a dedicated blogger you are! I sent visited the Palin blog and had a laugh and sent the link to a few others. One may draw on it for a speech she's giving to a Democratic Women Convention. It would be funnier if it weren't so close to true. Say hello to England for me. Good luck finding wifi.

  13. Lovely light and colors.
    Enjoy your trip to England.

  14. Wwo...beautiful picture!!! I'd like to live your life Elizabeth..jetting off to the US, Marrakesh and now to the UK...
    Have fun :D

  15. Beautiful morning light! Have a nice trip to England and please bring photos with you (for us!).


I look forward to hearing from you!