Friday, September 5, 2008

Queens Again

It seems to be our week for going to Queens which is almost like taking a trip to a wonderful exotic place -except you get there by subway........

Deniz introduced us to little India where the clothes are decidedly un-Manhattanlike. ie they are gloriously colored.

All these shown here are suitable for parties.

Even the vegetables are different. This is kerala. It is very green and looks somewhat like a cucumber.
Anyone out there know how one eats it?

The grocery stores have bright bags of flour and rice.........

........and all sorts of incense sticks - including "Cannabis" and "Opium". Hm........

This is Deniz looking color-coordinated at the Thai restaurant.

And a lonely young man left after dark in a shop which sells everything.


  1. Kerala? Now that's a new one to me! So unusual and kinda pretty!

  2. Hello Elizabeth..ah..I was thinking about an Indian post, but thought I will do it next month, when the Indians celebrate Deepavali, the festival of lights. That kerala is called petola here (..though not so hairy haha), they cooked it with a little tumeric, but all Indian veges are always overcooked and have similar style. Without a doubt, the Indian community has the most colourful spices, clothing and everything else. Happy weekend, much love and hugs :D

  3. There are some interesting eating places and neighborhoods in Queens. Cool pics!

    Paz xxoo

  4. All that color...just entrancing!

    Thanks for your kind comment about Edward. He is most pleased that you find him "cool". He is, you know.

  5. Looks like a colour feast :-)

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  7. Elizabeth, I've been thinking about India today after reading about the terrible flooding and famine in the Windy Skies blog (in my sidebar.) Blogs open windows into other cultures. I've never seen anything like kerala.

  8. Your entry definitely capture us by the senses. Such vibrant colors! And that vegetable...I wonder how it tastes...
    I bet this market must have reminded you of Marrakesh :)

  9. Very colorful!

    I've never seen kerala before...

  10. E-
    That Kerala is quite unusual looking. You should have bought some for cooking experimentation!!

    love to you both

  11. Another reason to love New York. You can find just about anything, and it's a wonderful mix of cultures. So glad you posted. :-)


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