Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday/or A Very Short Walk Round the Block

Shadow Shot Sunday (see Hey Harriet for details) and no photos taken for it.
The neighbors' dog to be taken for a walk.
Bagels to be bought since we have someone staying. There is no food in the house since we were out all day yesterday.
Shadows are best early in the morning.
I set out with dog, camera, change purse and necessary plastic bag. you can guess what for.
Cut through between 23rd and 24th streets.
In the background The Leo House a very strange hotel run by a Catholic religious foundation.

On 25th Street opposite St.Columba's, where morning service is being held, trees are reflected in a car's windshield. Every time I try to take a photo, Buck tugs on the leash.

Up 25th Street heading for 8th Avenue.........

In front of me, the stairs to the subway..........

........on my right, the sprinklers refresh the lawn.
I cross 8th Avenue and tie Buck up outside the bagel shop and pray no one steals him.
Obviously, no one does.

On the corner of 23rd Street and 8th Avenue, the tables at Dallas Barbeque are empty as they so rarely are.
Home, mission accomplished.


  1. New York seems like the perfect place for shadow with all the grand architecture shading it's streets.

  2. Elizabeth, isn't it wonderful that we look for shadows everywhere now? And I would love to be in your shoes looking for them in NY! That was quite a journey you wrote about looking for those great shadow shots! Enjoyed this post!:)

  3. Your opening picture is especially nice!

  4. We think Buck should be allowed in he bagel shop! Oh, to be in France!

  5. I enjoyed your walk for bagels! : )

  6. wow, wow, wow

    I really enjoyed that walk. love the sprinkler shot but they're all wonderful

  7. What a great job you did with shadows and lovely pictures..Wow..Kind of fun seeing N.Y. many years since I was there..nice tour. Thanks.

  8. I enjoyed that stroll around New York. Would have been even more enjoyable had I been munching on a bagel while taking in the sights :) Great photos & I love the variety. It is difficult taking photos while walking a dog but you certainly managed! Have fun with your guests :)

  9. I like the tree reflection in the car window...

  10. Elizabeth, I am coming to NY in the fall and now you have me all curious - what is so strange about the Leo House???


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