Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Project Black

More black for Anna Carson's PROJECT BLACK.
R's eye was caught by the black Ducati. Usually they are red.
Here all the bikes are color coordinated.

Of course looking for black in New York can be likened to the proverbial shooting fish in a barrel.

We were walking down 9th Avenue and came upon a new restaurant. Lots of black paint here.

And this home decor place quite near by was sort of dark and black-ish.
Maybe next time I'll do black clohes which there seem to be a lot of - even in summer.


  1. Nice shots. Some of them look like Italian street scenes.

    Anyway, I think all your Black shots are good. I have a similar one on my blog. Only similar. Yours are good.

  2. Lovely first photo :-)

  3. Nice shots of NY for project black. I enjoy your site and remembering old days in NYC. I left 8 years ago (wow) and things have changed greatly, I'm sure, still it's fun to visit this way.

  4. Love the last shot. It's beckoning us to enter.

  5. love these great bicycle shots! very cool for PB... all the bikes are quite grand though :)

  6. I like the first one - looks like the bikes are going head to head to see who is the best!


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