Monday, June 30, 2008

From the Roof

Robert took these pictures the other day from the roof of our building. I can always rely on him to see the world a little differently than I do. In fact he uses some of his photos as jumping off places for his pictures. Take your own pictures and turn them into super calendars  . They make excellent gifts too!

Anyway, looking east you can see the Chelsea Hotel - a most bizarre and interesting place. Sort of down at heels and dumpy and the scene of all sorts of weirdness.

From above, you can see the abstract patterns the crosswalks and the taxis make. I'm always glad I don't drive in New York. Mostly I take the bus or walk. We have retrieved our bikes from our son's house. Maybe we will try out the relatively new bike path down the side of 8th Avenue.

The green umbrella belongs to the man who sells fruit and vegetables. 4 bananas for a dollar. Just now he has good blueberries.
But I do miss the fruit in Morocco and am astounded by the prices of food here - especially bread.


  1. Now that is a seriously wide crosswalk!

  2. Very great views! And how close you are to the famous Chelsea Hotel! Also very interesting a man's perspective here at your blog ;o) We're off to London tomorrow even for a week's holiday--can't wait! I plan on at least one very photo-heavy blog post while away--LOL! Look forward to catching up with you when we get back. Happy Summer Days ((HUGS))

  3. Interesting pix! Fun view. I'm glad I don't drive in NY, either. ;)

  4. I love the roof view! There's just something about a big city!

  5. Nice perspective, watching the random migrations of city dwelling humans. Enjoy the Blueberries while you can! They are so very good for you.

  6. Great pics! I love taking pictures looking up or looking down. Love the city!

  7. That's a great view of your city! Must be a magical view at night! & so close to the infamous Chelsea Hotel! Is that your regular haunt now? Or maybe you just watch the weird comings & goings from the safety of your rooftop ;)

    PS- I was surprised to learn that the Chelsea Hotel was still operating. For some reason I'd thought it closed down a long time ago. Nice to know it still exists!

  8. Great NY photos by Robert! You know Elizabeth, If you offered me one Million $, I wouldn't drive in the city! Walking is the best for inspiration and people watching anyway.

    Hope your having a great day!

  9. My daughter is a student at the New School. She lived on 20th St last year and walked everywhere. Loved the city, but missed the open spaces at home.

  10. I sing "I Love New York" at the top of my lungs, every time I drive in the city.

    Susanna and I walked that very spot a few months front of the Chelsea, on our way to the galleries.

  11. Enjoyed Roberts version of NYC.

    Yes, bread price is outrageous. Milk prices have also gone sky high.



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