Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Green New York

Of course New York is a lot about buildings - how could it not be?
But if one is determined there are all sorts of places where green creeps in. One place is the Green Market in Union Square.
Needless to say, you have to go there early before it is totally swamped by crunchy-granola - Birkenstock foodies and their dogs and strollers etc etc.
Looking at culinary herbs always makes me ambitious.......basil and rosemary are staples.....

Sweet peas only have a very brief window - but they do smell gorgeous.

I envy people who can plant perennials in the city. Oh for delphiniums. Odd that blue is a color your really have to work to get in a garden.
Yellow and pink arrive almost by themselves.

Walking home down 24th Street, I admire a rather unusual hydrangea. There is a wonderful shade garden there, obviously planted by someone who knew what he/she was doing.

At home the usual urge to make still lives.......though the bananas and lemons didn't come from the green market itself but have been imported from somewhere.


  1. So much green's beautiful! Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

  2. It was nice to see the green side of New York. Nothing beats picking herbs from your own garden. Herbs are about the only thing I can manage to grow

  3. Hello Elizabeth.

    I've made the leap from your Marrakesh blog to your New York blog. I see your camera works it's usual magic no matter what hemisphere you are in. The last photo is especially darling, with the little green jug.

    I know you'll find the 'hidden beauty' of New York, just like you found those shady hydrangeas and the quiet green door.

  4. I love the buildings in New York and am glad to see the green side also. Beautiful!

  5. Enjoyed our walk in NYC this afternoon, Elizabeth...and your still life in that lovely bowl, too.

  6. Thank you for all the kind comments:
    Lavinia: The little green jug came back with me from Marrakech. It's one of my favorite colors.
    Willow: The ironstone bowl was my mother's - I'm quite sentimental in a quiet way!

  7. Elizabeth, Green and NY don't always go together, but you've shown that the city comes in so many wonderful colors. Despite what most people think, it's actually greener to live in a big city and minimize your carbon imprint. New Yorkers walk everywhere.

  8. Markets are alot of fun, anywhere in the world.

  9. I've also made the leap to your NY blog and look forward to your views of the city ... especially with your eye, Elizabeth, the photos are just as captivating. I will be visiting NY in the fall, so look forward to points of interest to go visit :)

  10. All those herbs make me feel ambitious, too. Surely the deer would leave those alone...


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