Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday

Back in New York at last!
These pictures are for Hey Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday - but I haven't got too many shadows in New York.
This first shot is of the unending escalator at the 42nd Street bus terminal that we use when getting a bus to go to visit our son. We are resolutely car-free in Manhattan and make some efforts to be 'green'.
For example living in an apartment with one boiler for 70 units is much more eco-friendly than 70 individual boilers.
Preach, preach.
How dull.

From a building on 13th Street where I have my hair cut, you can see the red brick of Chelsea Market - the huge old Nabisco factory on 15th Street.

Here schoolgirls have their lunch sitting on stone benches.............

..............and you can buy real Italian food and all sorts of "Imports from Marrakech".
We went to the newish "T-Salon" the other day - very swanky and stylish - but the iced tea wasn't cold and the breakfast tea wasn't hot. So we have crossed them off our list.

This last picture hasn't anything to do with shadows at all. Just a shot of Saturday morning in New York.
The paper, peonies and herbs from the green market in Union Square.
Real strawberries - small and sweet - which rival or even exceed the ones in Morocco.


  1. Your two worlds are so different. Never been to NY, but this is very like I imagine it: so vast, so edgy.

  2. Ooooh...that unending escalator sounds a little scarey. I adore these photos because they 'feel' so New York! I've never been to NY but your photos are just the way I like to imagine it. If that makes sense. Possibly not. You'll have to visit Australia for the BEST strawberries. I promise you'll love them :)

  3. Elizabeth, what great luck to connect with you in cyberspace! You are right that we have so much in common: England, NYC, art, photography, a favorite movie (Lives of Others) and even writing an Oxford novel. I read the PW summary of your book and will definitely track down a copy when I’m back in the USA.

    It’s fun to see your perspective on NYC, and I adore the photos on your Marrakesh blog – especially that shadow cat one. So many visually stunning images. I’ve always wanted to see Morocco and came close to visiting this year except we went to Tanzania instead. I hope your transition to NYC is going well without too much culture shock.

    Too much to ask you in a blog comment so I will e-mail.

  4. Welcome back to the US of A!!

    Great photos Elizabeth! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

  5. Love the escalator shot, really all the pictures. I love the city, any city. My husband was born and raised in a small southern town and really has no desire to go anywhere else. I envy you! :)

  6. All very cool shots!


  7. Have a great time back in NY.
    I look forward to follow your updates.


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