Friday, June 27, 2008

A virtual Tea Party

Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist had a wonderful idea. A virtual mad tea party. See her blog for all the bloggers joining the fun.
Who wouldn't want to come?

The art of the tea party is not lost on the English. 4pm.
The Menu
Cucumber sandwiches cut rather thin, crusts removed
Scones with butter and clotted cream and strawberry jam
A Victoria sponge cake - more cream - a light dusting of icing sugar on top.
Earl Grey tea, of course, milk or lemon to suit.

The Table Setting

A "Brown Betty" teapot - silver is pretty but doesn't make the best tea.
A collection of bone china cups collected over the years including Wedgewood and Spode.
The roses in a lusterware jug my mother once loved.

The Guest List
You, of course, and all my other blogging chums but since it's in the virtual world, it might be fun to invite a group of women writers -
Jane Austen ( of course)
Nancy Mitford
Katherine Mansfield
Kaye Gibbons
not too many people because they'd all have lots to say.......
What fun it would be.
Who would you ask?


  1. Elizabeth - Your New York tea party harks back to Morocco - all those wonderful roses, lush and inviting, in clear colors....

  2. How wonderfully creative. Love it! Glad you participated.


  3. P.S. Who would I ask? You'd be on the top of the list. ;-)


  4. Hello! Am I early? Thanks so much for inviting me. I'll just have a seat over here next to Katherine Mansfield. Oh, and cucumber sandwiches slices ever so thin. Your china is so cheery and your roses lovely. Your mother would be happy to see them in her jug. Yes, thank you, I'll take some sponge cake, too! :)

  5. Oh I so wish I liked tea. Sigh. Can I have coffee instead? Coffee with my dainty cucumber sammies & scones? I'd invite Dorothy Parker. Dot would be a hoot at a tea party. Although I don't believe her preferred beverage was tea. Or coffee ;D

  6. oh yes..this is so lovely ! I would gladly have a seat with you and your enchanting virtual guests...

    and i'm sure one day, we will have some mint tea together!


    Have a great week end!

  7. How lovely to meet you and all these other great female writers at the party :-)

  8. tea with Jane...oh how wonderful...

    Happy mad hatter day!!


  9. Too bad those seats next to Jane are already taken...but it's so nice of you that I could bring my own (women writers-) guest too. I would be accompagnied by Astrid Lindgren (author of Pipi Longstocking) and Annie M.G. Schmidt her dutch counterpart. Thanks for inviting us!

  10. mmm...what a divine tea party...earl grey and sponge cake...sipping from delicate china...the perfume of those roses...
    If I take Emile Brontë and Elizabeth B. Browing as my guests...can you find a place for us at your table?

  11. so which of the Pride and Prejudice daughters would you prefer? I assume Lizzie. I have just watching the BBC version with my daughter. I would love to do a tea party with her and you!

  12. Elizabeth, I love how your New York tea party and Morocco tea party both have lovely roses a bloomin'. Yes, Jane Austen is a definitely must-invite! And, then it would be fun to invite an adventuresome woman type from that era too. I can't think of anyone offhand but I'd like the mix. Oh yes - Isak Dinesan too.

  13. I've had a lovely time today visit all the tea parties. You have set such a pretty table.

  14. I would invite Madeleine L'Engle, Tasha Tudor, Jan Karon, Dorothy Sayers, and some writers of humorous fiction like the author of "Dearest Dorothy", Charlene Ann Baumbich [I think that's the correct name].


I look forward to hearing from you!