Monday, June 23, 2008

By the Water

It is easy to forget that Manhattan is an island - it's so very urban. It is quite easy to ignore the water altogether.
The other day we walked down to the Hudson River where all sorts of building is going on.
For so long the dock areas were neglected and even scary - now they are getting very swanky indeed.

The tall sails of the boats are set against the tall wire cages of the golf driving range.

The motor boat has a wonderful name: The Moroccan Queen.


  1. You are reminded of Morocco everywhere, aren't you :-)

  2. I saw in the paper that a water fountain public performance art is going to be installed around there. I hope you will take pictures for us.

  3. Great photos, Elizabeth! I love the sea, so I really enjoyed these boat pics. :)

  4. The Moroccan Queen! Now how in the world did you find that one? It's as if she was docked there just for you.

  5. Finally you found the Marrocan Queen: I am so happy about that! Very thrilling boat pics!

  6. I love that Manhattan is an island. I grew up by the East River and loved to watch the tugboats from the boardwalk. You should check it out, Elizabeth. Great images of NYC, but you make me homesick.

  7. The Moroccan Queen! Fate led you to that boat!

    I think its great to leave your city block and within the hour feel the salt breeze on your face and be surrounded by blue waves.


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